Saturday, May 20, 2006

Playlist May 19 2006

Joey, Pete, Bob & Joe Show

Peter Sellers "She Loves You"(cockney version) Songs Of Sellers
T Bone Burnett "Baby Don't Say You Love Me" The True False Identity*
The Cinderellas "Baby Baby (I Still Love You)" V/A One Kiss Can Lead To Another
Sam Phillips "Love & Kisses/ Baby I Can't Please You" Martinis & Bikinis
The Buzzcocks "You Say You Don't Love Me" A Different Kind Of Tension

Dave Alvin "Boss"(Rumblers cover) West Of The West Bonus EP
Dave Alvin "Surfer Girl"(Beach Boys cover) West Of The West
Dave Alvin "Mr Moto"(Belairs cover) West Of The West Bonus EP

The Ramones "I Don't Want To Live This Life(Anymore) 7"Single B-Side
Tom Waits "I Don't Want To Grow Up" Bone Machine
Joey Ramone "Don't Worry About Me" Don't Worry About Me
Ronnie Spector "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" The Last Of The Rock Stars*
The Ramones "Oh Oh I Love Her So" Leave Home

El Perro Del Mar "It's All Good" El Perro Del Mar*
The Mountain Goats "Sail Babylon Springs" Babylon Springs EP*
Voxtrot "Rise Up In The Dirt" Mothers...EP*
Let's Active "Every Word Means No" Afoot EP

Pete Townshend "Pure And Easy" Who Came First
The Who "It's A Boy / Amazing Journey"(demo) Tommy Expanded Issue
Pete Townshend "(Can You See) The Real Me?" Scoop 3

Susanna Hoffs & Matthew Sweet "The Kids Are Alright" Under The Covers Vol1*
Yo La Tengo "Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands" YLT Is Murdering The Classics*
Ms Tyree "Sugar" Jones "If You Feel It" Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label**

Cold War Kids "We Used To Vacation" Up In Rags EP*
Sonic Youth "What A Waste" Rather Ripped*

Squarewave "Fall From My Youth" Squarewave*
The Byrds "Ladyfriend" Never Before
Beirut "Brandenburg" Gulag Orkestar*
The Espers "Widow's Weed" Espers II*
T Bone Burnett "Palestine Texas" The True False Identity*
Neil Young "Flags Of Freedom" living With War*
Bob Dylan "Chimes Of Freedom"(live) No Direction Home

Joe Boyd Productions

The Incredible String Band "Way Back In The 1960's" 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion
The Purple Gang "Mr Alders Jones" The Purple Gang Strikes
The Pink Floyd "Candy & A Currant Bun" 7" Single B Side
Nick Drake "The Thoughts Of Mary Jane" 5 Leaves Left

Nick Drake "Northern Sky" Bryter Layter
Nico "My Only Child" Desertshore
Vashti Bunyan "Diamond Day" Just Another Diamond Day
Fairport Convention "Who Knows Where The Time Goes?" Unhalfbricking

Fotheringay "The Pond & The Stream" Fotheringay
Mike Heron "Warm Heart Pastry" Smiling Men With Bad Reputations
REM "Green Grow The Rushes" Fables Of The Reconstruction
The Pink Floyd "Arnold Layne" 7" Single

Music Bed Tom Verlaine "Burnt Letters"
* New Release
** New Reissue

Friday, May 12, 2006

Playlist May 12, 2006

The Original Stars Revisit Hitsburg USA

Peter Case "Coming Your Way" Bomblight Prayer Vigil*
Neil Young "After The Garden" Living With War*

Josh Ritter "Girl In The War" The Animal Years*
Editors "Orange Crush"(REM Cover) Q Mag June 06*
Paris Hotel "I Lost My Heart / Philippe Philippe" 071 EP*
Tony Truant & The Fleshtones "La Fille Du Noctambule" Allo Brooklyn, Ici Montmartre*
The Fleshtones "Girl From Baltimore" Upfront EP

Nick Lowe "American Squirm" 7" Single
Susanna Hoffs & Matthew Sweet "And Your Bird Can Sing" Under The Covers Vol 1 *
Voxtrot "Mothers Sisters Daughters & Wives" 2nd EP*

The Super Stocks "School Is A Drag" School Is A Drag**
Yo La Tengo "Roadrunner"(J.Richman Cover) YLT Is Murdering The Classics*
Dick Dale & His Del-tones "Wild, Wild Mustang" 7" Single

The Go-Betweens "Was There Anything I Could Do?" 16 Lovers Lane
Calexico "Cruel" Garden Ruin*
The Yardbirds "He's Always There" The Yardbirds
Elf Power "King Of Earth" Back To The Web*
Tom Verlaine "The Earth Is In The Sky" Songs & Other Things*

J. Tillman "Take Care"(demo) Documented 2006 Tour EP*
The Last Town Chorus "Boat"(demo) November 25 2005 EP*
El Perro Del Mar "Candy" El Perro Del Mar*
The Cramps "Strange Love" Flameproof

Tony Truant & The Fleshtones "D'Accord Tony D'Accord" Allo Brooklyn Ici Montmartre*
The Sonics "Do You Love Me" Full Force
Graham Coxon "Say So What" 7" Single b-side*
The Fleshtones "Super Rock Baby" Beachhead(Vinyl)*

Fleshtones Favorites - Hitsburg USA

The Chants "Dick Tracy" Single Verve 61
Arthur Alexander "Keep Her Guessing" Single Dot 63
Richard Berry "Next Time" Single Flair 54
Db's "If And When" Single Car 78
Mickey Finn "This Sporting Life" Single World Artists 65
The Animals "Inside Looking Out" Animalization LP MGM 66
Champion Jack Dupree "let The Doorbell Ring" Single King 55

Otis Williams & His Charms "Panic" Single King 61
Tarheel Slim "Wildcat Tamer" Single Fury 58
Dave Davies "I'm Crying" The Album That Never Was 66
Rosco Gordon "Let's Get High" Sun Records Collection 56
Larry Verne "Mr Custer" Single 60
Gene Chandler "Rainbow" Single Vee Jay 62

Big Brother & The Holding Co. "Down On Me" Single Mainstream 66
Pat Boone "Speedy Gonzales" Single Dot 62

Hitsburg Revisited

The Stylistics "Rockin' Roll Baby" Rockin' roll Baby LP AVCO 72
Mel Torme "Comin' Home Baby" Single Atlantic 62
Frankie Avalon "Don't Stop Now" Single Chancellor 63
Little Willie John "Take My Love (I Want TO Give It All To You)" Single King 61

Eddie Cochran "Little Lou" Single Liberty 58
Andre Williams & The Don Juans "Goin' To Tia Juana" Single Fortune 55
Young Rascals "Find Somebody" Groovin' LP Atlantic 67
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters "Switch-A-Roo" & "The Float" Single A &B sides King 61

LaVerne Baker "Voodoo Voodoo" Single Atlantic 61
Teenage Head "Your Tearing Me Apart" Single 78
Hi-Lifes "Soul City" V/A Soundsville LP Design 65
Joey Dee & The Starlighters "Keelee's Twist" Hey! Let's Twist LP Roulette 58
Sammy Davis Jr. "I'm Over 25 (But You Can Trust Me)" Song & Dance Man LP Ktel

The Fleshtones "Hitsburg USA" Hitsburg Revisited

Music Bed Fleshtones "Chinese Kitchen"

* New Release
** New reissue