Saturday, November 22, 2014

Playlist November 21 2014

John Peel's Record Box : Joe Boyd
 The Coffin Daggers “Interstellar Overdrive”  The Coffin Daggers (2002)  Urko Records 
 The New Basement Tapes “Kansas City”  Lost On the River (2014)  Harvest — Marcus Mumford and Taylor Goldsmith
Little Richard “Kansas City”  The Specialty Sessions (1989)  Specialty — Take 1
 Bob Dylan “Odds and Ends”  The Bootleg Series Vol 11: The Basement Tapes (2014)  Columbia — Take 2
 Bob Dylan “Things We Said Today”  The Art Of McCartney (2014)  Arctic Poppy — Tribute to Paul
 The New Basement Tapes “Six Months In Kansas City (Liberty Street)”  Lost On the River (2014)  Harvest — Elvis Costello

 Dr. John “Let 'Em In”  The Art Of McCartney (2014)  Arctic Poppy — Happy Birthday, Mac
 Bob Dylan “Open The Door, Homer”  The Bootleg Series Vol 11: The Basement Tapes (2014)  Columbia — Take 1
 Wilco “Dark Neon”  Alpha Mike Foxtrot: Rare Tracks 1994 - 2014 (2014)  Nonesuch — Wilco The Album Outtake
 The Who “Dreaming From the Waist”  The Who By Numbers (1975)  MCA
 The Troggs “I Can't Control Myself”  Single (1966)  Fontana
 Hiss Golden Messenger “Rock Holy”  Single (2014)  Merge — 25th Anniversary Single
 David Bowie “Holy Holy”  Single (1974)  RCA
 Spoon “Waiting To Know You”  Single (2014)  Merge — 25th Anniversary Single
 Caribou “Our Love”  Our Love (2014)  Merge

 John Peel's Record Box #1 : Joe Boyd
 Pink Floyd “Bike”  The Piper At the Gates of Dawn (1967)  Columbia
 AMMMusic “After Rapidly Circling the Plaza”  AMMMusic (1967)  Elektra — Edit 
 The Purple Gang “Granny Takes A Trip”  The Purple Gang Strikes (1968)  Transatlantic. — Prod Joe Boyd

 Charles Mingus “Fables Of Faubus” Ah Um (1959)  CBS
 The Master Musicians of Jajouka “Take Me With You My Darling, Take Me With You”  Brian Jones Presents The Pipes of Pan At Jajouka (1971)  Rolling Stones
 10,000 Maniacs “Scorpio Rising”  The Wishing Chair (1985)  Elektra Records — Prod Joe Boyd
 Bob Dylan “Million Dollar Bash”  The Bootleg Series Vol 11: The Basement Tapes (2014)  Columbia — Take 2
 Fairport Convention “A Sailor's Life”  Unhalfbricking (1969)  Island — Prod Joe Boyd

 Nick Drake “Day Is Done” from Five Leaves Left (1969)  Island — Prod Joe Boyd
 Geoff Muldaur “Higher and Higher”  Is Having a Wonderful Time (1975)  Reprise  — Prod Joe Boyd
 Them “Gloria”  The Angry Young Them (1965)  Decca
 Boz Scaggs “Dinah Flo”  My Time (1972)  Columbia
 Thomas Mapfumo and Blacks Unlimited “Shumba”  Gwindingwi Rine Shumba (1971)  Chimurenga
 Moby Grape “Omaha”  Moby Grape (1967)  Columbia
 'Lightnin' Sam Hopkins “Blues For Queen Elizabeth”  The Rooster Crowed In England (1959)  77 Records — Only 99 copies pressed
 Hambone Willie Newburn “Shelby County Work House Blues”  Rural Blues (1964)  RBF — Deeper Chest Tones
 Moonglows “Sincerely”  Chess Golden Decade Sampler (1975)  Chess — Liner notes by John Peel

 Denny Laine “Say You Don't Mind”  Single (1969)  Deram
 Tomorrow “My White Bicycle”  Single (1967)  Parlophone
 Toots and the Maytals “Struggle”  Single (1968)  White Label
 Pink Floyd “Arnold Layne” Single (1967)  Columbia — Prod Joe Boyd

 The Bonzo Dog Doo - Dah Band “The Intro and The Outro” Single B Side (1968)  United Artists
 Talking Heads “Take Me To The River”  Single (1978)  Sire

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Playlist November 14 2014

Smee's Freakbeat Festival
 The Who “My Generation (Radio 1 Jingle)”  BBC Sessions (1999)  MCA — 10/10/67 Top Gear
 The Who “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere”  BBC Sessions (1999)  MCA — 5/24/65 Saturday Club
 Loose Ends “I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore”  Single (1966) Decca
 The Yardbirds “Happenings Ten Years Time Ago”  Single (1966)  Columbia — Page and Beck
 The Smoke “My Friend Jack” Single  (1967) Columbia
 The Eyes “When The Night Falls”  Single (1966)  Mercury
 The Sorrows “You've Got What I Want”  Single (1965)  Picadilly
 Denis Couldry And The Next Collection “I Am Nearly There”  Single (1968)  Decca — London
 Thane Russal and The Three “Security”  Single (1966)  CBS — London
 The Mascots “I Want To Live”   Single  (1966)  Decca — Stockholm
 Allen Pound's Get Rich “Searchin' In The Wilderness”  Single (1966)  Parlophone — Bradford
  The Syn “Grounded”  Single (1967)  Deram — Wembley

 The Primitives “Johnny Noooo!”  Single (1967) ARC Piper- Club — Oxford
 Chapter Four “In My Life”  Single (1966)  United Artists — New York City
 The Game “It's Shocking What They Call Me”  Single (1967)  Parlophone — Mitcham
 The Creation “How Does It Feel To Feel”  Single (1968) Polydor — London
  The Fairies “Get Yourself Home” Single(1965)  HMV Pop — Colchester

 The Act “Just A Little Bit”  Single (1968)  Columbia — London
  Elois “By My Side”  Single (1967)  In Records — Sydney
 Wimple Winch “Atmospheres”  Single (1966)  Fontana — Stockport
 The Missing Links “You're Driving Me Insane”  Single (1965)  Phillips — Sydney
  The Truth “Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)”  Single (1966)  Deram — London

 The Attraction “She's A Girl”  Single (1966)  Columbia — Romford
 The New Breed “Unto Us”  Single (1965)  Decca — London
 Majority “One Third”  Single (1966)  Decca — Hull
 Red Squares “You Can Be My Baby”  Single (1967) Columbia — Boston
  Adam's Recital “No Place For Lonely People” Single (1968)  Barclay — Antwerp

 The Loot “Try To Keep It A Secret”  Single (1969)  Page One — Andover
 The Lee Kings “On My Way”  Single (1966) Flexi Skiva — Stockholm
 Keith Shields “Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)”  Single (1967) oDecca — Newcastle
 The Score “Please Please Me” Single (1966)  Decca — London
  The Masters Apprentices “Buried and Dead”  Single (1966)  Astor — Adelaide

 Fire “My Father's Name Is Dad”  Single (1968)  Decca — Hounslow
 Thor's Hammer “I Don't Care”  Single (1966)  Parlophone — Keflavik
 The Fleur De Lys “Mud In Your Eye” Single(1966)  Polydor — Southampton
 Majority One “Get Back Home”  Single (1968)  Pink Elephant — Hull
  The Talismen “You Break My Heart”  Rubble Volume 2 (1988)  Bam Caruso — London - Unisued acetate w/ Jimmy Page 1966

 The Troggs “Lost Girl”  Single (1966)  CBS — Andover Debut Single
 Paul and Ritchie and The Cryin' Shames “Come On Back”  Single (1966)  Decca — Liverpool
 Q65 “From Above”  Single (1967)  Decca — The Hague
 The Buzz “You're Holding Me Down”  Single (1966)  Columbia — Edinburgh
 Miller “Baby, I've Got News for You”  Single (1965)  Oak — Norwich

 Wimple Winch “Rumble on Mersey Square South”  Single (1966)  Fontana — Stockport
 The Who “The Ox”  Single (1966)  Brunswick — London
Shel Naylor “One Fine Day” Single (1964)  Decca — Coventry-- wr Dave Davies, Guitar Jimmy Page
 The Motions “Everything (That's Mine)” Single (1966)  Havoc — The Hague
 The Syndicats “Crawdaddy Simone”  Single (1965)  Columbia — London - Joe Meek production

 The Monks “Oh, How To Do Now”  Black Monk Time (1966)  Polydor International — USA Band
 The Answer “It's Just A Fear”  Single (1966)  Columbia — Newcastle
 The Attack “Anymore Than I Do”  Single (1967)  Decca — London
 Pee White and The Magic Strangers “Balla Balla”  Single (1966)  Imperial — The Hague
 The Masters Apprentices “Undecided” Single (1966)  Astor — Adelaide

 Birds Birds “Daddy Daddy” Single (1966)  Reaction — London
 Southern Sound “I Don't Wanna Go”  Single (1966)  Columbia — Worcestershire
 Adjeef the Poet “Leek! I'm a Freak”  Single (1967)  Action — Amsterdam
 The Craig “I Must Be Mad”  Single (1966)  Fontana — Birmingham
 Wimple Winch “Save My Soul”  Single (1966)  Fontana — Stockport