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Playlist December 6 2013  Co- Host with The Walking Dr Bill

Tribute To Lou Reed

 Television Personalities “You, Me And Lou Reed” 12" EP (1985)  Fantastic Plastic
 Jonathon Richman “Velvet Underground”  I, Jonathan (1992)  Rounder

 Warm Soda “I'm Waiting For The Man” The Velvet Underground & Nico Covered by Castle Face Records And Friends (2012)  Castle Face
 Tracy Thorn “Femme Fatale”  A Distant Shore (1982)  Cherry Red
 Luna “Ride Into The Sun”  Slide (1993)  Elektra
 R.E.M. “Pale Blue Eyes”  So. Central Rain 12" EP (1984)  IRS

 Rainy Day “I'll Be Your Mirror”  Rainy Day (1983)  Llama — Susanna Hoffs and Kendra Smith
 Cowboy Junkies “Sweet Jane” The Trinity Session (1988)  RCA
 Kendra Smith “Alle Morgens Parties”  BOB Magazine Flexi (1987) Bob Magazine — Rec 1981

 The Olivia Tremor Control “European Son”  VU Tribute (2000)  Rabid
 Strawberry Switchblade “Sunday Morning”  Single B-Side (1984)  Korova
Echo And The Bunnymen “Run Run Run”  Maxi Single (1983)  Sire — Swedish Radio Session

 Yo La Tengo “I'm Set Free”  Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo (1996) Matador — I Shot Andy Warhol Outtake
 The Feelies “What Goes On”  Only Life (1988)  A and M
 Glen Campbell “Jesus” Meet Glen Campbell (2008)  Capitol- Nashville
 Spacemen 3 “Ode To Street Hassle” The Perfect Prescription (1987)  Glass

The Velvet Underground "Guess I'm Falling In Love (Instrumental) "  White Light / White Heat 45th Anniversary (2013) Polydor
The Velvet Underground "Guess I'm Falling in Love (Live Gymnasium 1967)" White Light / White Heat 45th Anniversary (2013) Polydor
 The Velvet Underground  "I'm Not A Young Man Anymore (Live Gymnasium 1967)" White Light / White Heat 45th Anniversary (2013) Polydor
 The Velvet Underground  "Over You" The Velvet Underground Live 1969 (1974) Mercury
 The Velvet Underground  "Ride Into The Sun "  Loaded Reissue (2004) Rhino
The Velvet Underground "Ride Into The Sun (Instrumental)" Another VU (1986) Verve

 Garbage “Candy Says”  Breaking Up The Girl EP (2001)  Almo
 Robyn Hitchcock “Caroline Says”  Stereo-Phonic Pop Culture (1996)  Pop Culture Press Mag — CBC Radio Session Toronto
 Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds “All Tomorrows Parties” Kicking Against The Pricks (1986)  Mute

 Roky Erickson “Heroin”  Gremlins Have Pictures (1986)  Pink Dust — W/ The Explosives
 Of Montreal “She's My Best Friend”  If He's Protecting Our Nation, Then Who Will Protect Big Oil, Our Children (2002)  Of Montreal — Tour EP

Lou Reed  "Coney Island Baby" Coney Island Baby (1976) RCA
Lou Reed  "Street Hassle"  Take No Prisoners  (1978) Arista
 Lou Reed  "Walk On The Wild Side" American Poet

 Lou Reed  "Perfect Day" Transformer (1972) RCA

 Lou Reed  "Heroin"  Rock n Roll Animal (1975) RCA
The Velvet Underground "Candy Says" The Velvet Underground (1968) Verve

 Patti Smith “Perfect Day”  Two More EP (2007) Columbia — Bonus Tracks from Twelve Album

  Vanessa Paradis “I'm Waiting For The Man”  Vanessa Paradis (1992)  Universal Music Division Barclay
David Bowie  "White Light / White Heat" Bowie On The Beeb (1996) BBC
Gang Of Four "Sweet Jane" Entertainment! Reissue (1980) Warner Brothers

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Playlist November 15 2013
The Missing Show - This was not aired due to a Minor Setback

 Juana Molina “Eras”  Wed 21 (2013)  Crammed Discs
 Bobby Parker “Watch Your Step”  7" Single (1961)  V-Tone — RIP Bobby Parker
 Roland Janes “Guitarville”  7"Single (1958) Judd — Sun Records Session Player RIP

 Sam Phillips “Teihard”  Esopus Magazine #20 CD (2013)  Esopus Magazine
 The Teardrop Explodes “Ouch Monkeys”  EP (1981) Mercury — TX exploded on this day 1981
 The Doors “Break On Through (To The Other Side)” The Doors (1966)  Elektra — Debut mono 45 - Signed to Elektra Records on this day
 Graham Parker and The Rumour “Can't Waste A Minute”  Another Grey Area (1982)  Arista — Happy 63rd Birthday Graham

 Spooner “Means Of Survival”  Hindsight (2013) Boat Records — Lost last Single 1991
 Spooner “Leave This Place Behind” Hindsight (2013)  Boat Records — B- Side of lost single

 Bob Dylan “Sign On the Window”  Another Self Portrait (2013)  Columbia — Orchestral Version 1970
 La Santa Cecilia “el Hielo (ICE)”  Treinta Días (2013)  Universal-Latino — ICE = Immigration and Customs Enforcement
 Albert Ayler “New Grass / Message From Albert”  New Grass (1968)  Impulse
 Elvis Costello and the Roots “I Refuse To Be Saved”  Wise Up Ghost (2013)  Blue Note — Above tracks from EC's Rolling Stone Mag Playlist

 Kelley Stoltz “Storms” Double Exposure. (2013) Third Man Records
 Best Coast “I Don't Know How” Fade Away (2013)  Jewel City
 Lucius “Turn It Around”  Wildewoman (2013)  Mom + Pop
 The Fleshtones With Mary Huff “Just A Smile” 7" Single (2013)  Yep Roc — Mary Huff of Southern Culture On The Skids

 Television Personalities “You, Me And Lou Reed” 12" EP (1985)  Fantastic Plastic
 Jonathon Richman “Velvet Underground”  I, Jonathan (1992)  Rounder
 Warm Soda “I'm Waiting For The Man” The Velvet Underground & Nico Covered by Castle Face Records And Friends (2012)  Castle Face
 Tracy Thorn “Femme Fatale”  A Distant Shore (1982)  Cherry Red
 Luna “Ride Into The Sun”  Slide (1993)  Elektra
 R.E.M. “Pale Blue Eyes”  So. Central Rain 12" EP (1984)  IRS
 Rainy Day “I'll Be Your Mirror”  Rainy Day (1983)  Llama — Susanna Hoffs and Kendra Smith
 Cowboy Junkies “Sweet Jane” The Trinity Session (1988)  RCA
 Kendra Smith “Alle Morgens Parties”  BOB Magazine Flexi (1987) Bob Magazine — Rec 1981

 The Olivia Tremor Control “European Son”  VU Tribute (2000)  Rabid
 Strawberry Switchblade “Sunday Morning”  Single B-Side (1984)  Korova
Echo And The Bunnymen “Run Run Run”  Maxi Single (1983)  Sire — Swedish Radio Session

 Yo La Tengo “I'm Set Free”  Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo (1996) Matador — I Shot Andy Warhol Outtake
 The Feelies “What Goes On”  Only Life (1988)  A&M
 Glen Campbell “Jesus” Meet Glen Campbell (2008)  Capitol- Nashville
 Spacemen 3 “Ode To Street Hassle” The Perfect Prescription (1987)  Glass
 Garbage “Candy Says”  Breaking Up The Girl EP (2001)  Almo
 Robyn Hitchcock “Caroline Says”  Stereo-Phonic Pop Culture (1996)  Pop Culture Press Mag — CBC Radio Session Toronto
 Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds “All Tomorrows Parties” Kicking Against The Pricks (1986)  Mute
 Roky Erickson “Heroin”  Gremlins Have Pictures (1986)  Pink Dust — W/ The Explosives
 Of Montreal “She's My Best Friend”  If He's Protecting Our Nation, Then Who Will Protect Big Oil, Our Children (2002)  Of Montreal — Tour EP
 Galaxie 500 “Here She Comes Now”  Fourth Of July Single (1990)  Rough Trade
 Vanessa Paradis “I'm Waiting For The Man”  Vanessa Paradis (1992)  Universal Music Division Barclay
 Ty Segall “Femme Fatale”  The Velvet Underground & Nico Covered by Castle Face Records And Friends (2012)  Castle Face

 Patti Smith “Perfect Day”  Two More EP (2007) o Columbia — Bonus Tracks from Twelve Album

Friday, November 01, 2013

Playlist November 1 2013


 John Lennon “Scared”  Walls and Bridges (1974)  Apple
 Paul McCartney “Scared”  New (2013) Hear Music — Hidden Track
 George Harrison “When We Was Fab”  Cloud Nine (1987)  Dark Horse
 Ringo Starr “I'll Be Fine Anywhere”  Vertical Man (1998)  Mercury
 Stackridge “Something About The Beatles”  Something For The Weekend (1988) Angel Air
 Klaatu “Sub Rosa Subway” Klaatu (1976)  Capitol — Some people believed this to be the fabs in disguise
 The Rutles “Piggy In The Middle”  The Rutles (1978) Warner Brothers
 Rockin' Horse “Yes It Is”  Yes It Is (1970)  Philips
 The Flame “See The Light”  The Flame (1970)  Brother — Pre Rutles Stig O'Hara - Produced by Carl Wilson
 Jade “Rest Of My Life”  Faces Of Jade (1970) General American — Cincinnati Band

 Emitt Rhodes “Fresh As A Daisy”  Emitt Rhodes (1970)  Dunhill — Post Merry Go Round Solo Macca Soundalike
 The Raspberries “Don't Want To Say Goodbye”  The Raspberries (1972) Capitol — Post Choir Pre Scmaltz Eric Carmen
 Sleepy Hollow “Sincerely Yours”Sleepy Hollow (1972)  Family — Philly Power Pop Trio

 The October Cherries “Lay Down Your Love”  Dreamseller (1972)  Columbia — Singapore band 2nd album
 Truck “Broken Chair” Surprise Surprise (1974)  Baal — October Cherries post break up
 We All Together “It's A Sin To Go Away”  We All Together (1972)  Mag — The Peruvian Beatles

 Liverpool Echo “You Might As Well Surrender”  Liverpool Echo (1973)  Spark — Ex Mandrake Paddle Steamer and Ex Syn members
 Blue “Look Around”  Blue (1973)  RSO
 Blue Ash “I Remember A Time”  No More, No Less (1973)  Mercury — Youngstown Ohio

 The Hudson Brothers “So You Are A Star”  Totally Out Of Control (1974)  Rocket Records — Mark Hudson Ringo Producer / Kate Hudson's Dad
 Splinter “Costafine Town”  The Place I Love (1974)  Dark Horse — Heavy Harrison involvement
 The Key “The Farmer And The Fisherman”  Fit Me In (1978)  Emily/Electrola
 The Late Show “Take A Chance”  Portable Pop (1980)  Rave
 Promise “Later On Tonite”  Promise (1980)  Cumulus — Colorado Band self released LP
 Utopia “I Just Want To Touch You”  Deface The Music (1980)  Bearsville — Attempt to Out Rutle The Rutles??

 Badfinger “I'd Die Babe”  Straight Up (1972)  Apple — Ironic Title foreshadows tragedy
 The Chesapeake Jukebox Band “Until We Meet Again”  The Chesapeake Jukebox Band (1972)  Green Bottle
 Liverpool Express “You Are My Love”  Tracks (1976)  Warner Brothers
 The Nerves “When You Find Out”  Nerves 7"EP  (1976)  The Nerves — Peter Case, Paul Collins and Jack Lee
 Squeeze “Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)”  Argybargy (1980)  A and M
 Chris Stamey “The Summer Sun” 7"Single (1977)  Ork
 Neil Innes “How Sweet To Be An Idiot”  How Sweet To Be An Idiot (1973)  United Artists — Brains behind the Rutles
 Stackridge “Faith In Love”  Something For The Weekend (1988) Angel Air
 The Aerovons “Resurrection”  Resurrection (2003)  RPM — Rec 1969 at Abbey Road Studios
 Chris Bell “I Am the Cosmos” 7"Single (1978)  Car
 Mike McGear “Leave It”  McGear (1975)  Warner Brothers — Paul's Brother
 Dwight Twilley Band “Could Be Love”  Sincerely (1977)  Shelter
 Cheap Trick “Heaven Tonight”  Heaven Tonight (1978)  Epic
 Flamin Groovies “Please Please Girl” Shake Some Action (1976)  Sire
 The Spongetones “She Goes Out With Everybody”  Beat & Torn (1980)  Ripete — Rated a 70 on American Bandstand
 The Poppies “If She Cries” Single B-Side (1975)  Bomp — B/W Love Of The Loved (Lennon/McCartney)

 Smyle “It's Gonna Be Alright” Single (1972)  Polydor
 Los Hermanos “Anna Julia” Los Hermanos (1999)  Best
 Electric Light Orchestra “Can't Get It Out Of My Head”  Eldorado (1974)  Epic — Jeff Lynne

 The Jam “The Dreams Of Children”  Single B-Side (1980)  Polydor
 Liverpool Express “John George Ringo and Paul”  Tracks (1976)  Warner Brothers
 The Residents “Beyond A Valley Of A Day In The Life”  Residents Play The Beatles (1977)  Ralph Records

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Playlist October 18 2013

Travellin', Trippin' and Transfusions

Sam Phillips “Big Spender”  Sweet Relief III - Pennies From Heaven (2013) Vanguard. — Sweet Charity Musical number

 Escondido “Cold October”The Ghost of Escondido (2013)  Kill Canyon
 Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band “Zig Zag Wanderer”  Safe As Milk (1967)  Buddah — mono
 The Ventures “Strawberry Fields Forever” Super Psychedelics (1967) Liberty
 Nick Lowe “Travelin' Light” Yep Roc 15th Anniversary Calendar (2013)  Yep Roc — Recorded Live 2012
 She and Him “King Of The Road”  Sweet Relief III - Pennies From Heaven (2013)  Vanguard. — Roger Miller cover
 Neko Case “Local Girl”  The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You  (2013)  Anti
 Peter Case “Travellin' Light”  The Man With the Blue Post Modern Fragmented Neo-Traditionalist Guitar (1989) Geffen
 Johnny Cash “Transfusion Blues”  Now, There Was A Song  (1960) Columbia
 Nervous Norvus “Transfusion” Single (1956) Dot
 Houndstooth “You Won't See Me” Ride Out the Dark (2013)  No Quarter - In Town  Saturday 19th
 The Beatles “You Won't See Me” Rubber Soul (1965)  Capitol
 Paul McCartney “Turned On” New (2013)  Hear Music — Deluxe version Bonus

 Dhani Harrison “For You Blue”  Single (2013)  HOT Records  — Covers his Dad
 Mazzy Star “Sparrow”  Seasons Of Your Day (2013)  Rhymes Of The Hour
 Bob Dylan “Time Passes Slowly” Another Self Portrait (2013)  Columbia — Rec 5-1-1970 w/ George Harrison

 Elvis Costello and the Roots “Tripwire”  Wise Up Ghost (2013)  Blue Note.
 Elvis Costello and The Attractions “You Tripped At Every Step”  Brutal Youth (2002)  Rhino — Church Studios Version Rec Dec 1992
 Elvis Costello and The Attractions “Watch Your Step”  Trust (1981)  Rhino — DJM Studios Alt Fast Version Rec July 1980

 Arp “Judy Nylon” More (2013) Smalltown Supersound — Judy Nylon was one of Brian Eno's Girlfriends
 Brian Eno “Needles In The Camel's Eye”  Here Come The Warm Jets (1973)  Island

Neutral Milk Hotel "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea"  In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (1996) Merge
Of Montreal "Hejira Emigre" Lousy With Sylvainbriar (2013) Polyvinyl
The Mothers Of Invention "You Didn't Try To Call Me" Cruisin' With Ruben And The Jets (1967) Verve

The Standells  "Help You Ann" Bump (2013) GZA - Lyres Cover
The Lyres "She Pays The Rent" 12" EP (1986) Ace Of Hearts

 Julia Holter “This Is a True Heart” Loud City Song (2013)  Domino
 Roxy Music “Over You”  Flesh + Blood (1980)  Atco
 The Three O'Clock “Stupid Einstein”  Sixteen Tambourines (1983)  Frontier
 The Grassroots “Where Were You When I Needed You” Single (1967) Dunhill
 Ann Margaret “You Sure Know How To Hurt Someone”  The Very Best (2001)  RCA — Rec 1966
 The Turtles “I Get Out Of Breath”  Wooden Head (1967) White Whale
 Sandy Posey “See Ya Round on the Rebound”  Single Girl (1967)  MGM
 King Khan “Strange Ways”  Garage Swim (2013)  Adult Swim — Coming to Town
 Allah Las “Every Girl”  Single (2013)  Innovative Leisure
 Mikal Cronin “Shout It Out”  MCII (2013) Merge Records

Chuck Berry "Sweet Little Sixteen"  Rock And Roll Rarities (1986) Chess - Happy 87th Birthday- Alt Version Rec 57
Chuck Berry "Reelin' & Rockin'"  Rock And Roll Rarities (1986) Chess - Original Demo Version Rec 57
 Nirvana “Lithium”  Nevermind (1991)  Geffen
 The Replacements “Color Me Impressed”  Hootenanny (1983)  Twin/Tone

Friday, September 20, 2013

Playlist September 20 2013

Mystery Theme Show

 Neil Young with The Stray Gators “Journey Thru The Past” Archives Vol 1 (1971)  Reprise — Alternate Version
 The Hollies “Would You Believe” Butterfly. (1967)  EMI
 Jesus and Mary Chain “Psychocandy” Single B-Side (1986)  Blanco Y Negro — Some Candy Talking EP
 Public Image Ltd. “Happy” 9 (1989)  Virgin
 Queen “Sheer Heart Attack”  News of the World (1977) Elektra 
 Led Zeppelin “Houses Of The Holy”Physical Graffiti (1975)  Swan Song
 Julian Cope “World Shut Your Mouth” Saint Julian (1987)  Island
 Gomez “Bring It On”Liquid Skin (1999) Hut
 Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band “Safe As Milk”Strictly Personal (1968)  Buddah — Take 5
 The Teardrop Explodes “Kilimanjaro” Single B-Side (1980)  Mercury
 Elvis Costello and The Attractions “Imperial Bedroom”  Single B-Side (1982)  f-Beat — Man Out Of Time
 The Doors “Waiting For The Sun”  Morrison Hotel (1969)  Elektra
 The Rain Parade “Crashing Dream”  Demolition (1991)  090 Records — Rec Live 1984

 The Jayhawks “Tomorrow The Green Grass”  Single B-Side (1995)  American
 Neil Young “Buffalo Springfield Again” Silver and Gold (2000)  Reprise 
 Beck “One Foot In The Grave” Stereopathetic Soul Manure (1994)  Flipside
 Elliott Smith “Either / Or”  New Moon (2007) Kill Rock Stars — Rec 1997
 The Triffids “Born Sandy Devotional”  In The Pines (1986) Hot — Long Version

 Elliott Smith “Figure 8” Figure 8 (2000)  Dreamworks — Schoolhouse Rocks cover - Japanese Bonus Track
 Quasi “Birds”  Field Studies (1998)  UP
 Guided By Voices “Bee Thousand”  The Grand Hour - EP (1992)  Scat — Ep also included "Alien Lanes"

 The Kinks “Preservation”  Single (1974) RCA — The whole Preservation Act in 1 song
 Belle and Sebastian “The Life Pursuit”  The Blues Are Still Blue (2005) Rough Trade
 Elvis Costello “North” Single (2003) Deutsche Gramophon
 Tom Waits “Frank's Wild Years”  Swordfishtrombones (1983)  Island
 The Mothers Of Invention “Absolutely Free”  We're Only In It For The Money (1968)  Verve — Discorporate
 Television “Adventure”  Adventure (1978) o Rhino/Elektra
 Lloyd Cole “Weird On Me”  Single B-Side (1991)  Capitol
 Rank And File “Rank and File”  Sundown (1982)  Slash
 Television Personalities “And Don't the Kids Just Love It” Three Wishes Single B-Side (1982) Whaam
 The Mighty Lemon Drops “Laughter” Fall Down (like Rain) EP (1988)  Chrysalis 
 Superchunk “Foolish”  Single (1994)  Merge— Single with initial vinyl pressings of Foolish
 The Only Ones “Baby's Got A Gun” Single (1983)  Vengeance
 The Bee Gees “Cucumber Castle”  Bee Gees' 1st (1967) Atco
 Jason Falkner “Author Unknown”  Can You Still Feel (1999)  Elektra
 The Smithereens “Especially For You”  Green Thoughts (1988)  Capitol 
 Elvis Costello and The Attractions “Almost Blue”  Imperial Bedroom (1982) Columbia
 Robyn Hitchcock “Queen Elvis II”Eye (1990)  Twin/Tone
 PJ Harvey “Dry”  Dress - EP (1992)  Too Pure
 Crowded House “Recurring Dream”  Single B-Side (2000)  Capitol  — Now We're Getting Somewhere
 Smashing Pumpkins “Siamese Dream” Single B-Side (1994)  Virgin  — Disarm
 Emerson, Lake and Palmer “Brain Salad Surgury”  Works II (1977)  Atlantic
 Beck “Midnite Vultures”  EP (2000) DGC
 Pete Townshend “Face Dances Part 2”  All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (1982)  Atco
Primal Scream “Screamadelica”  Dixie- Narco EP (1992) Creation

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Playlist September 13 2013

Brief Moments of Ecstatic Happiness

 Julia Holter “Hello Stranger”  Loud City Song (2013)  Domino
 Barbara Lewis “Hello Stranger”  Baby, I'm Yours (1963)  Atlantic — The Dells Backing Vocals
 Caitlin Rose “Lately I've Let Things Slide” Lowe Country (2012) Fiesta Red — Tribute To Nick Lowe

 Elvis Costello And The Roots "Stick Out Your Tongue" Wise Up Ghost  (2013) Blue Note
 The Imposter (Elvis Costello)  "Pills And Soap" Single (1983) Demon
 Neko Case “Calling Card” The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You  (2013)  Anti

 Victoria Williams “Change Is Gonna Come”  Pennies From Heaven : Sweet Relief III (2013)  Vanguard. — Sam Cooke Cover
 The Byrds “Change Is Now”Notorious Byrd Brothers (1968)  Columbia
 Bob Dylan “Pretty Saro”  Another Self Portrait (2013)  Columbia — Rec 1970
 The Easybeats “Pretty Girl” Friday On My Mind (1967) United Artists

 The Kinks “Moments”  Percy (1971)  Pye
 Woods “God's Children”  Single B-Side (2013)  woodsist — Kinks Cover
 The Kinks “God's Children (End)”  Percy (1971)  Pye
 King Khan “Strange Ways”  Garage Swim (2013)  Adult Swim — Coming to Madison
 The Del-Vetts “Last Time Around”  Single (1966)  Dunwich — Rockin John 1967 WLS Silver Dollar Survey Special Tomorrow
 The Shadows Of Knight “Light Bulb Blues” Gloria (1966) Dunwich — RIP Joe Kelley - Lead Guitarist

 Ty Segall “The Man Man”  Sleeper (2013)  Drag City.
 David Bowie “Watch That Man” Aladdin Sane (1973)  RCA
 Chuck Prophet “Summertime Thing”  No Other Love (2002) New West Records
 The Beach Boys “Help Me, Rhonda”  Endless Harmony Soundtrack (1998)  Capitol — Alternate Single Version Rec 1965

 Kelley Stoltz “Caroline” Two Imaginary Girls Single (2012)  Steak les Disques
 Cheap Trick “Oh Caroline”  In Color (1977)  Epic

 The Plastic Ono Band “Cold Turkey”  Lve Peace In Toronto 1969 (1970)  Apple — Rec Sept 13 1969
 The Lyres “Boston”  Single (1993)  Norton — Touring again
 Little Richard “Kansas City”  The Specialty Sessions (1989) Specialty — Take 2 Rec Sept 13 1955
 Talking Heads “Cities”  Fear of Music (1979)  Sire — Alternate Version

 Escondido “Black Roses”  The Ghost of Escondido (2013) Kill Canyon — David Lynch Favorite
 Mazzy Star “California”   Single (2013)  Rhymes of an Hour Records — New LP Soon
 Joni Mitchell “California”  Blue (1971)  Reprise
 Houndstooth “Francis” Ride Out the Dark (2013) No Quarter

 Ron Grainer “Alternate Opening Credits/Fallout” The Prisoner (Original Television Soundtrack) (1986)  Bam Caruso — Rec 1967
 The Times “I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape”  A Splash Of Colour (1981)  WEA
 The Spencer Davis Group “Keep on Runnin'”  Single (1966)  United Artists
 The Jam “Town Called Malice”  The Gift (1982) Polydor

 Jens Lekman “Regarding A Package”  Customer Service - Esopus #19 (2013)  Esopus Magazine — True Story
 Mama Rosin “Please Mister Postman”  We're With The Beatles (2013)  Mojo Magazine — With Mick Collins And Matt Verta-Ray
 Human Expression “Sweet Child Of Nothingness”  Love At Psychedelic Velocity (2013) Mississippi — Rec 1968 - Written By Mars Bonfire
 Allah-Las “Had It All”  Single (2013)  Innovative Leisure — Tour Single
 The Yardbirds “I Can't Make Your Way” Roger the Engineer (1966)  Epic

 Eleanor Friedberger “I Am The Past” Personal Record (2013) Merge Records
 Lightning Dust “Agatha”  Fantasy (2013) Jagjaguwar
 Anaïs Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer “Tam Lin (Child 39)” Child Ballads (2013)  Wilderland Records
 Rihanna “Stay (feat. Mikky Ekko)” Unapologetic (2012)  Def Jam/
 The Rolling Stones “Gimme Shelter”  Let It Bleed (1970)  London — Featuring Merry Clayton

 Sam Phillips “No Time Like Now” Push Any Button (2013)  Littlebox
 John Lennon “Angel Baby”  Rock'n'Roll (1974)  Apple — Rec 1973 Bonus Track

Friday, August 16, 2013

Playlist August 16 2013

A Splendid Time Is Possible For Some

 The Rutles “Major Happy's Up and Coming Once Upon a Good Time Band”  Archaeology (1996)  Virgin — Sgt. Rutter's Only Dart Club Band
 The Rutles “Rendezvous”  Archaeology (1996)  Virgin — With A Little Help
 The Rutles “Good Times Roll”  The Rutles (1978)  Warner Brothers — LSD influenced
 The Rutles “The Knicker Elastic King”  Archaeology (1996)  Virgin — Getting Better
 The Bonzo Dog Band “The Equestrian Statue”  Gorilla (1967) Liberty — Fixing
 Utopia “Feel Too Good”  Deface the Music (1992)  Bearsville — A Hole
 Harry Nillson “She’s Leaving Home”  Pandemonium Shadow Show (1967)  RCA — For the Motor Trade
 The Bonzo Dog Band “For The Benefit Of Mankind” Pour L'Amour Des Chiens (2007) Storming— Henry The Horse

 The Rutles “Nevertheless”  The Rutles (1978)  Warner Brothers — We Were Talking
 The Rutles “Back In '64”  Archaeology (1996)  Virgin — Vera Chuck And Dave
 The Bonzo Dog Band “Rockaliser Baby”  The Doughnut In Granny's Greenhouse (1968)  Liberty — Sittin on a Sofa
 The Triffids “Good Morning, Good Morning” Sgt Pepper Knew My Father (1987)  NME Magazine — Nothing To Do
 The Rutles “Major Happy's Up and Coming Once Upon a Good Time Band” Archaeology (1996)  Virgin — Reprise
 The Rutles “Cheese And Onions”  The Rutles (1978)  Warner Brothers
 Blue Öyster Cult “This Ain't the Summer of Love”  Agents of Fortune (1976)  Columbia — RIP Allen Lanier
 Peter Buck “You Must Fight To Live On The Planet Of The Apes”  Single (2013) Mississippi Records
 The Shandells “Go Go Gorilla”  Single (1964) Bangar
 The Three O'Clock “I Go Wild”  The Hidden World Revealed (2013)  Omnivore. — Alternate Version

 Elvis Presley “Baby, What Do You Want Me To Do”  Elvis Presley A Golden Celebration (1984)  RCA — Burbank California June 27 1968 - Comeback Special
 Mr Bonus “Elvis, What Happened?”  Luxury Condos Coming To Your Neighborhood Soon (1986)  Coyote — Peter Holsapple and Friends
 Bob Dylan “Went To See The Gypsy”  New Morning (1971)  Columbia
 Elvis Presley “Baby, What Do You Want Me To Do”  A Golden Celebration (1984)  RCA — 68 Comeback Special

 Country Joe McDonald “Donovan's Reef”  Woodstock : 40 Years On (2009)  Rhino — August 16 1969 Day Two
 The Incredible String Band “The Letter”  Woodstock : 40 Years On (2009)  Rhino
 Creedence Clearwater Revival “Green River”  Woodstock : 40 Years On (2009)  Rhino
 Janis Joplin “Ball and Chain”  Woodstock : 40 Years On (2009)  Rhino
 The Grateful Dead “Dark Star” Woodstock : 40 Years On (2009)  Rhino — Edit
 The Who “Amazing Journey”  Woodstock : 40 Years On  Rhino
 David Kilgour And The Heavy Eights “Christopher Columbus”  Single (2013)  Merge
 Sam Phillips “Ask Me To Stay”  Push Any Button (2013)  Littlebox — Bonus track Version
 Jacco Gardner “You Really Got A Hold On Me”  We're With The Beatles (2013)  Mojo Magazine
 Beck “Defriended”  Single (2013)  Fonograf

Are You Scared To Get Happy Part 2
 Hurrah! “Hip Hip”  Single (1982)  Kitchenware — Are You Scared Get Happy?
 The Charlottes “Are You Happy Now?”  Single (1989) Subway Organization
 BMX Bandits “Sad?” Single (1986)  53rd and 3rd — Debut
 Lloyd Cole and The Commotions “Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?”  Single  (1983)  Welcome To Las Vegas — Debut B-Side -Original version

 The Smiths “This Charming Man” Single (1983)  Rough Trade — Not On Box Set
 Gol Gappas “Albert Parker” Single (1986)  El
 Marine Girls “Don't Come Back”  Lazy Ways (1983)  Cherry Red Records — Tracey Thorn
 Would-Be-Goods “Cecil Beaton's Scrapbook”  Single (1988)  El — B-Side

 Josef K “It's Kinda Funny” Single (1980) Postcard — 3rd Single Not On Box Set
 Art Objects “Showing Off To Impress The Girls ”Single (1980)  Heartbeat
 The Wedding Present “Go Out And Get 'Em Boy”  Single (1985)  Reception
 The Flatmates “Shimmer” Single (1988)  Subway Organization
 Jesus and Mary Chain “Upside Down”  Single (1984)  Creation — Not On Box Set
 Clouds “Tranquil”  Single (1987)  Subway Organization
 Dolly Mixture “Everything And More”  Single (1982)  Respond
 The Jasmine Minks “Where the Traffic Goes” Single (1984)  Creation
 My Bloody Valentine “Strawberry Wine” 12" EP (1987)  Lazy
 The Mighty Lemon Drops “Something Happens”  Single (1985)  Dreamworld — Dan Treacy's label
 The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter “Love Is Blue” Single (1987)  Dreamworld — Dan Treacy's Girlfriend's Band

Friday, August 09, 2013

Playlist August 9 2013

Are You Happy To Get Scared?

 The Surfaris “Wipeout”  Single (1963)  DFS — Original Long Version
 Manfred Mann “5-4-3-2-1 Pt 1” Single (1964) HMV Pop — Ready Steady Go Theme
 Generation X “Ready, Steady, Go”  Single (1978)  Chrysalis — Ready Steady Go Premiered 50 Years ago Tonight
 Manfred Mann “5-4-3-2-1 pt 2” Manfred Mann Return (1965) Capitol

 Beck “I Won't Be Long”  12" Single (2013) Fonograf
 The Beefeaters “Don't Be Long”  Single (1964)  Elektra — Pre- Byrds
 The James Hunter Six “It Won't Be Long” V/A We're With The Beatles (2013)  Mojo Magazine — Track by Track Cover of The Beatles 2nd UK LP
 Beck “I Won't Be Long” 12" Single (2013) Fonograf — Extended Version - Edit
 The Beatles “Blue Jay Way”  Magical Mystery Tour (1967)  Capitol
 Sam Phillips “When I'm Alone”  Push Any Button (2013)  Littlebox

 The Pastels “Kicking Leaves”  Slow Summits (2013)  Domino
 Big Star “September Gurls” Live (1992)  Rykodisc — WLIR Radio 1974 Broadcast
 The Outer Spaces “Eternally Fifteen”  Single (2013)  Matador — Singles Club
 Waxahatchee “Swan Dive”  Cerulean Salt (2013)  Wichita Recordings
 Buddy Holly “Peggy Sue”  Down the Line - Rarities (2008)  Geffen-Decca — Alt Take rec July 1st 1957

 The Standells “Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White” The Live Ones (2001)  Sundazed — Rec Michigan State University 1966
 Shovels and Ropes “Bad As Me”  Single (2013)  Third Man — Tom Waits cover - Coming Back to Madison in Sept
 Tom Waits “Sixteen Shells (from a Thirty Ought Six)”  In The Neighborhood EP (1986)  Island — Live Paris Nov 16 1985
 Elvis Costello and The Attractions “Uncomplicated (NME Version)”  Fourplay EP (1986)  NME Magazine — NME Giveaway single Sept 1986

 The Chills “Molten Gold”  Single (2013)  Fire Records — Long Awaited return !!
 Deerhunter “Pensacola”  Monomania (2013)  4Ad
 Greg 'Stackhouse' Prevost “Never Trust the Devil”  Mississippi Murderer (2012)  Mean Disposition — Ex Chesterfield Kings
 Flamin' Groovies “19Th Nervous Breakdown”  Jumping in The Night (1978)  Sire — UK editions only

 Orange Alabaster Mushroom “Until The Poorest Of People Have Money To Spend”  Outta Time Outta Space (2003) Earworm — Tribute EP To West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
 David kilgour and the Heavy Eights “Shifting Sands”  Single (2013)  Merge — WCPAEB Cover
 Sonny and the Sunsets “Tracy Had A Hard Day Sunday”  Lagniappe Sessions (2013)  Aquarium Drunkard Blog — WCPAEB Cover

 Tandyn Almer “You Turn Me Around”  Along Comes Tandyn (2013)  Sundazed Music — Rec 1966/7
 The Three O'Clock “Why Cream Curdles In Orange Tea”  The Hidden World Revealed (2013) Omnivore — Rec Jan 1983 - Early version of In Love In Too
 Jacco Gardner “Where Will You Go” Cabinet Of Curiosities (2013) Trouble in Mind
 Yo La Tengo “Ohm” 12" Single (2013)  Matador — Live Loud Version - Rec Europe early 2013

Are Scared To Get Happy
 Orange Juice “Poor Old Soul Pt. 2”  Single (1981) Postcard — No More Rock N Roll For You !
 The Wild Swans “Revolutionary Spirit”  12" Single (1982)  Zoo — The Last 45 on Zoo - 009
 Primal Scream “Velocity Girl”  Single (1985)  Creation — Creation 026 B-Side
 Girls At Our Best! “Getting Nowhere Fast”  Single (1980)  Record Records — Their Debut 45
 The Pastels “Heaven's Above”  Songs For Children EP (1982) Whaam! — Missing from Box Set at their request

 Felt “Something Sends Me To Sleep”  Single (1981) Cherry Red Records — Debut 45 - Also not in Box Set per Lawrence
Hurrah! “The Sun Shines Here” Single (1982)  Kitchenware
 The Primitives “Thru the Flowers”  Single (1986)  Lazy — Own Label Debut - Original Version
 The Revolving Paint Dream “In The Afternoon” Single (1984)  Creation — Creation 002 -We Made Love
 Shop Assistants “All Day Long”  Single  Subway Organization

 The House Of Love “Shine On”  Single (1987)  Creation — Creation 043 - Namecheck themselves in song
 Poppyheads “Dreamabout”  Single (1988)  Sarah Records
 The Groovy Little Numbers “You Make My Head Explode”  Single (1987)  53rd & 3rd — Pre 1/2 of Teenage Fanclub
 The Boy Hairdressers “Tidalwave”  Single (1987)  53rd & 3rd — Pre 1/2 of Teenage Fanclub
 Talulah Gosh “Beatnik Boy”  Single (1986)  53rd & 3rd — Amelia of Heavenly fame early band
 The Television Personalities “A Picture Of Dorian Grey”  Flexidisc (1984)  Creation Artifact — Live Version

 The Vaselines “Dying For It”  Single (1986)  53rd & 3rd — Not on the Box Set
 Bachelor Pad “The Albums Of Jack” Single (1987)  Warholasound
 Rosemary's Children “(Whatever Happened To) Alice?”  Single (1986)  El
 Strawberry Switchblade “Dark 7”  Unreleased (1997)  Cherry Red Records — Demo
 The Pooh Sticks “Indiepop Isn't Noise Pollution”  Orgasm (1988)  Fierce

Friday, July 19, 2013

Playlist July 19 2013

Out of the Wilderness

 The Handsome Family “Flies”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top — Coming To High Noon July 20th
 Alice Cooper “Halo Of Flies”  Killer (1971)  Warner Bros — Edit
 The Cramps “Human Fly”  Songs the Lord Taught Us (1979)  IRS
 Nick Drake “Fly” Bryter Layter (1969)  Island
 The Handsome Family “Frogs”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians “A Globe of Frogs”  Globe Of Frogs (1988)  A and M
 Danny Dell and The Trends “Froggy Went a Courting”  Single (1959)  World Pacific
 The Handsome Family “Eels” Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 Ween “The Golden Eel”  The Mollusk (1997) Elektra
 Wire “Eels Sang”  Change Becomes Us (2013)  Pink Flag
 The Handsome Family “Octopus”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 Syd Barrett “Octopus” The Madcap Laughs (1970)  Harvest
 Bloc Party “Octopus”  Octopus - EP (2012)  Co-operative Music
 The Beatles “Octopus's Garden”  Abbey Road (1969)  Apple
 The Handsome Family “Owls” Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 The Dead Kennedys “I Am The Owl”  Plastic Surgery Disasters (1982)  Alternative Tentacles
 The Chills “Green Eyed Owl”  Heavenly Pop Hits - The Best of the Chills (1994)  Flying Nun — Rec Live 1985

 The Handsome Family “Caterpillars” Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 Lambchop “Caterpillar”  Is a Woman (2002)  Merge
 The Cure “The Caterpillar”  The Top (1984)  Sire
 The Strangers "Caterpillar Crawl" Single (1959)  Titan 
 The Handsome Family “Glow Worm”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 Vashti Bunyan “Glow Worms”  Just Another Diamond Day (1970)  Phillips
 The Apples In Stereo “Glowworm”  Hypnotic Suggestion EP (1995)  Bus Stop
 The Handsome Family “Lizard”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 Robyn Hitchcock “The Lizard”  Black Snake Diamond Role (1981)  Armageddon
 White Fence “Lizards First”  Family Perfume, Vol. 2 (2012) Woodsist
 The Handsome Family “Woodpecker”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top
 Chuck Berry “Woodpecker” Bio (1973)  Chess — W/Elephants Memory Band
 Frank Sinatra “Woody Woodpecker Theme” Your Hit Parade Vol 2 (1948)  Lucky Strike
 Nat Couty And The Braves “Woodpecker Rock”  Single (1958)  Fox
 The Handsome Family “Gulls”  Wilderness (2013) Carrot Top 
 Joni Mitchell “Song To A Seagull”  Joni Mitchell (1968)  Reprise — Debut LP
 Bad Company “Seagull”  Bad Company (1974) Swan Song
 The Handsome Family “Spider”  Wilderness (2013) on Carrot Top 
 The Vapors “Spiders”  Magnets (1981)  Liberty
 The Who “Boris The Spider” BBC Sessions (1996)  MCA - Saturday Club Jan 17 1967
 Brian Eno “Spider and I”  Before And After Science (1977) Polydor Records
 The Handsome Family “Wildebeest”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 Laurie Anderson “Wildebeests”  Live At Town Hall In New York City (2002)  Nonesuch — Edit
 Stackridge “Wildebeeste” Something for the Weekend (1988)  Angel Air
 Big Buildings “Wildebeest”  This Is The Bricks (2003) Stars/No Stars

The Handsome Family  "Giant Ants" Odessa (1994) Carrot Top 
Lee Allen  "The Eel" 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Playlist July 12 2013

Pull Up Yer Pants

 Venturesmania “Penetration / Black Sand Beach” Venturesmania ! Live (2013)  Major Label — From Funtastic Dracula Festival - Spain 2012
 Goat. “Dreambuilding”  Single (2013)  Sub Pop
 Man Or Astroman? “Defcon 3”  Defcon 5...4...3...2...1 (2013)  Chunklet — Long awaited return from Space

 Elvis Costello “Wrong Wrong Wrong About Me”  Ghost Brothers of Darkland County (2013)  Hear Music — Stage show coming to Madison this Fall
 Wilco “One True Vine”  Sky Blue Sky Bonus EP (2007)  Nonesuch
 Mavis Staples “Far Celestial Shore”  One True Vine (2013)  Anti — Nick Lowe number
 Nick Lowe “People Change”  At My Age (2007) Yep Roc Records
 Neko Case “That's Who I Am”  Ghost Brothers of Darkland County (2013)  Hear Music
 Patti Smith “Gloria”  Horses (1975)  Arista — Intro
 Tricky “Somebody's Sins” False Idols (2013) False Idols — Samples Patti Smith
 Lady Lamb the Beekeeper “Bird Balloons”  Ripely Pine (2013)  Ba Da Bing!
 Sonny and the Sunsets “Void”  Antenna To the Afterworld (2013) Polyvinyl
 The Three O'Clock “And So We Run” Sixteen Tambourines (1983)  Frontier — New Compilation of Rare tracks Just Released

Lenny Kaye's Garage Band Nuggets 2013

 Jacco Gardner “Watching The Moon”  Cabinet Of Curiosities (2013)  Trouble in Mind
 Shannon and the Clams “Bed Rock”Dreams In The Rat House (2013)  Hardly Arts — For Ben
 Gentleman Jesse “Frostbite”Leaving Atlanta (2012) Douchemaster
 The People's Temple “(Dark Dreams) Distant Memories” More for the Masses (2012)  Hozac
 Nobunny “Mess Me Up” Love Visions (2012)  Almost Ready Records
 Peach Kelli Pop “Red Leather”  Peach Kelli Pop (2011)  Infinity Cat
 Human Eye “Surface of Pluto”  4: Into Unknown (2013)  Goner
 Acid Baby Jesus “Horse” LP (2011)  Slovenly Recordings
 The Hussy “Woodland Creature”  Pagan Hiss (2013) Southpaw
 Radar Eyes “Disconnection”  Radar Eyes (2012)  Hozac
 The Young Sinclairs “Forever After”  Chimeys (2013)  Planting Seeds Records
 Royal Headache “Girls”  Royal Headache (2012)  Whats Your Rupture?
 The Frowning Clouds “Dame A Dozen” Single (2011)  Gaga Digi
 Marcia J Ball “Live Remote Broadcast” from Live at Fete De Marquette

Friday, June 21, 2013

Playlist June 21 2013

Summer's Here Kiddies And It's Time To Take A Trip

  Rockfour “Another Beginning”  For Fans Only! (2002)  Rainbow Quartz
 The Aerovons “World Of You”  Resurrection. (2007) EMI — Single rec 1968 At Abbey Road Studios
 The Byrds “What's Happening?” Fifth Dimension (1966) Columbia
 Kaleidoscope “(Further Reflections) In the Room of Percussion”  Tangerine Dream  (1967)  Fontana — English Band
 Susan Christie “Rainy Day” Paint a Lady (1969)  Twisted Nerve Recordings — Lost Acid Folk
 The Zombies “Beechwood Park”  Odessey and Oracle (1968)  CBS -  Summerfest June 29th
 Lazy Smoke “Underskys”  Corridor Of Faces (1967)  Onyx
 Procul Harem “Kaleidoscope”  Procul Harem (1967)  Deram
 Earth and Fire “Wild and Exciting”  Earth and Fire (2009)  Esoteric
 The Jefferson Airplane “Last Wall Of The Castle”  After Bathing At Baxters (1967)  RCA
 Tame Impala “Solitude Is Bliss”  Innerspeaker (2011)  Modular  Orpheum October 9
 The Churchills “Tripping Through The Light” Psychedelic Essentials (2011)  Master Classics Records
 Dungen “Öga, Näsa, Mun”  Öga, Näsa, Mun - Single (2011)  Third Man Records
 Music Emporium “Nam Myo Renge Kyo”  Music Emporium (1969)  Sentinel — Also a single
 Groep 1850 “Mother No Head”Agemo's Trip to Mother Earth (1967) Phillips
 Eric Burdon And The Animals “Winds of Change”  Winds Of Change (1968)  MGM
 Os Mutantes “Bat Macumba” Os Mutantes (1968)  Polydor
 Fraternal Order of The All “Tomorrow Drop Dead”  Greetings from Planet Love (1997)  Quarkbrain — Andrew Gold (honest)
 Ben Cash and The Cash-Tones “See Emily Play” England's Top 14 Of Pop (1967)  Pop/Vogue — Budget label Pink Floyd cover
 Caribou “Sandy”  Andorra (2007)  Merge
 Fraternal Order of The All “Whirl”  Greetings from Planet Love (1997)  Quarkbrain
 Donovan “Sunshine Superman” Sunshine Superman (1967) Epic
 The Handsome Family “Owls”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot-Top  - High Noon July 20th
 Spirit “Dream Within A Dream”  The Family That Plays Together (1969)  Ode
 Fallen Angels “A Horn Playing On My Thin Walls”  It's A Long Way Down (1968) Roulette
 Broadcast. “Still Feels Like Tears”  The Future Crayon (2006) Warp Records
 The United States Of America “Coming Down”  The United States Of America (1968) Columbia
 Erland and the Carnival “My Name Is Carnival”  Erland & The Carnival (2010)  Full Time Hobby
 The Seeds “A Thousand Shadows”  Future (1967)  GNP Crescendo
 The Chesterfield Kings “Stems and Flowers”  The Mindbending Sounds of The Chesterfield Kings (2007)  Wicked Cool Records
 The Soundcarriers “Uncertainty”  Harmonium (2009)  Melodic
 Moby Grape “Indifference” Moby Grape (1967)  Columbia
 28th Day “Burnsite”  28th Day (1985) Bring Out Your Dead — With Barbara Manning
 Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats “I'll Cut You Down” Blood Lust (2011)  Rise Above
 The Lollipop Shoppe “You Must Be a Witch” Just Colour (1968)  Uni
 Black Mountain “Wucan”  In The Future (2008) Jagjaguwar
 Buffy Sainte-Marie “God Is Alive Magic Is Afoot”  Illuminations (1969)  Vanguard — Lyrics by Leonard Cohen
 The Electric Prunes “Agnus Dei” Mass In F Minor (1967)  Reprise
 Hawkwind “The Psychedelic Warlords”  Hall of the Mountain Grill (1974)  United Artists
 The End “Shades Of Orange” Introspection. (1991)  Decca  - Bill Wyman Produced
 Family “Never Like This”  Music In a Doll's House (1968)  Reprise
 The Collectors “She (Will-O-The-Wind)” The Collectors (1968)  Warner Bros. — Canadian Band
 The Coral “A Warning to the Curious”  The Invisible Invasion (2005)  Deltasonic.
 Plasticland “You Were Such a Bad Time” Mink Dress And Other Cuts (1995)  Timothy's Brain

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Playlist June 14 2013


 Robert Wyatt and Bertrand Burgalat “This Summer Night”  This Summer Night (2008)  Domino
 Chuck Prophet “Bring On the Love”  Songs From The Vault Vol 1 (2007) Yep Roc — Outtake from Soap And Water

 San Marinos “Super Sexy TV Girl”  Single (2007)  Liao
 The Fleshtones “Foxey Lady”  Abus Dangereux (2009)  Abus Dangereux
 Frank Black “Pray For The Girls”  Heroes And Villians : The Powderpuff Girls (2000)  Kid Rhino

 Archie Bronson Outfit “Hoola”  Coconut (2010)  Domino
 Deerhunter “Cool”  Cover + Remix (2011)  DFA — Pylon Remixed

 Bob Dylan “Everything Is Broken”  iTunes EP (2008)  Columbia — aka Broken Days - Diff vocals and lyrics
 Beck “Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat” War Child - Heroes (2009) Astralwerks — Dylan cover
 Jeff Beck “Rolling And Tumbling”  You Had It Coming (2001) Epic — Featuring Imogen Heap

 Taken By Trees “Too Young”  Lost & Found - EP (2007)  Rough Trade — Tough Alliance Remix
 The Tough Alliance “Lucky”  Neo Violence - EP (2007)  Universal Music Australia

 Cheap Trick “Surrender”  Sessions @ AOL (2005)  iTunes — Live
 The Pooh Sticks “Hard On Love”  Flexidisk (1989)  Woosh! — April 89
 Magik Markers “Taste”  Boss (2007)  Ecstatic Peace

 The Driscolls “My Fathers Name Is Dad” Flexidisk (1988)  Woosh!

 The Krayolas “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”  Canicas- Marbles EP (2013)  Talking Taco — Bi-Lingual Ramones
 Low Sea “Never Yours”  Las Olas (2010)  Low Sea
 Teenage Fanclub “Nothing To Be Done”  Start Again (1997) Creation — Pastels cover

 Acid House Kings and Dan Treacy “Heaven Knows I Miss Him Now (feat. Dan Treacy)”  Single (2011) Labrador Records

 The Flips “I Just Don't Know Where I Stand Anymore”  Single (2010)  Hozac
 Jens Lekman “I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Love You”  Download (2008)  Secretly Canadian — Spoolwork remix
 Chester French “She Loves Everybody”  Single (2008)  Star Trak

 Wilco “Just A Kid”  The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie (2004)  Sire
 Ryan Adams “Ah Life”  Moroccan Role EP (2004)  iTunes

 Days Between Stations “The Man Who Died Two Times”  In Extremis (2013) Days Between Stations  — Colin Moulding on Vocals!!
 Andy Partridge “I Wonder Why The Wonderfalls”  Download (2004)  iTunes — Theme from "Wonderfalls"
 The Apples In Stereo “Atom Bomb” New Magnetic Wonder (2007)  Yep Roc Records — Vinyl Only Bonus track

 Sakert “Vi Kommer Att Dö Samtidigt” Single (2007)  Razzia
 Los Hermanos “Anna Julia”  Los Hermanos (1999) Best
 The Flamin Groovies “When I Heard Your Name”  Single B-Side (1979)  Sire — Rec 1973 released as B-Side to Move It

 Ronnie Spector “Back To Black”  Single (2011)  Bad Girl Sounds
 The Slits “The World Of Grown Ups (Live)”  Download (2006) — Studio Version on Ari Up Solo LP
 Le Tigre “Viz”  Morning Becomes Eclectic (KCRW Live) - EP (2005) Uni/Motown — KCRW Live

 Ola Podrida “Atmosphere” The Signal (Original  Soundtrack) (2008)  Lakeshore Records — Joy Division cover
 Massive Attack “Paradise Circus”  Heligoland (2010)  Virgin UK — W/ Hope Sandoval

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Playlist May 17 2013
Broadcast From Studio B

 Barry and The Tamerlanes “I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight”  Single (1963)  Valiant
 Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart “I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight”  Single (1968)  A and M

 Jeff Beck “I Put A Spell On You” Emotion and Commotion (2010) Rhino — Featuring Joss Stone
 Smoke Fairies “Dancing Light”  Upstairs At United vol 6 (2013)  453 Records — Rec Oct 17 2011 with Blitzen Trapper
 R.E.M. “King Of Birds”  Live in Greensboro EP (2013) Warner Bros — Live Nov 10 1989
 Wire “Love Bends”  Change Becomes Us (2013)  Pink Flag - Piano Tuner
 Man Or Astroman? “Baby's First Spacewalk”  Single B-Side  (2013)  Chunklet

 David Bowie “Boss Of Me”  The Next Day (2013)  ISO/Columbia
 The Trashmen “Big Boss Man”  Single (2013)  Sundazed — Live At The Whiskey A Go Go St Paul Minn August 18 1966
 Greg 'Stackhouse' Prevost “I Ain't Signifying”  Mississippi Murderer (2013)  Mean Disposition — Lead Singer Chesterfield Kings - Stones' Exile Outtake
 The Rolling Stones “Loving Cup” Exile On Main St. (1972) Rolling Stones — Alternate Take
 The Minus Five With Curtiss A “Rockin' Here Tonight”  Single (2013)  New West — Songs for Slim (Dunlop)

 Jesca Hoop “Hospital (Win Your Love)”  The House That Jack Built (2012)  Curuja Songs
 Warm Soda “Reaction”  Single (2012)  Southpaw
Suzi Chunk “Look Back and Laugh”  Girl from the Neck Down (2012)  Trumpton Records
 Rodriguez “Sugar Man”  Searching for Sugar Man  (1970)  Light In The Attic
 The Do “Dust It Off” Both Ways Open Jaws  (2010)  Six Degrees

Verbena "Baby Got Shot" Into The Pink (1999) Capitol
 Kristin Hersh  "Sugarbaby"  Learn To Sing Like A Star (2007) Yep Roc - At High Noon Saturday

 She and Him “Baby” Volume 3 (2013) Merge — Ellie Greenwich cover
 Ellie Greenwich “You Don't Know” Single (1965)  Red Bird — A-Side to Baby
 Best Coast “Fear Of My Identity”  Single (2013) Mexican Summer

 Del Shannon “She”  Single (1967)  Liberty — Boyce and Hart Production - Pre Monkees version
 Marshall Crenshaw “Mary Anne”  Stranger And Stranger (2013)  Oddieville — Acoustic version
 Todd Rundgren “We Gotta Get You A Woman”  Runt (1970)  Bearsville — Alternate Mix
 The Hussy “Dying” Pagan Hiss (2013)  Southpaw
 The Three O Clock “For Pete's Sake” Live At the Old Waldorf (2013)  Burger Records — Live 1983 with Susanna Hoffs

 Damon and Naomi “New York City”  The Wondrous World of Damon and Naomi (2013)  20/20/20 — Kramer's preferred mix rec 1995
 The Trypes “Our Obsessions”  Yeti Magazine #13 EP (2012)  Yeti Magazine
 The Rolling Stones “Please Come Home”  Between the Buttons (Remastered) (1967) London — Mono
 Greg 'Stackhouse' Prevost “Too Much Junk”  Mississippi Murderer (2012)  Mean Disposition — Chesterfield Kings singer Solo Album
 Moon Duo “Run Around”  Yeti Magazine #13 EP (2013)  Yeti Magazine — Live on KEXP 4-8-2011

 Broadcast. “Message From Home”  Work and Non Work (1996)  Warp Records — Duophonic EP
 The Yardbirds “Turn Into Earth”  Roger the Engineer (1966) Epic
 The United States Of America “The Garden Of Earthly Delights”  The United States Of America (1968)  Columbia
 Broadcast. “Living Room”  Work and Non Work (1996)  Warp Records — Duophonic Single
 Suicide “Cheree”  Suicide (1977)  Red Star
 Broadcast and The Focus Group “The Be Colony” Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age (2009)  Warp Records
 Pink Floyd “Chapter 24”  The Piper At the Gates of Dawn (1967)  Columbia
 The Who “Sunrise”  The Who Sell Out (1967)  Track
 Broadcast. “Our Darkest Sabbath”  Berberian Sound Studio  (2012)  Warp Records
 Big Star “Holocaust”  Nothing Can Hurt Me (2013)  Omnivore — Rough mix rec 1974
 Opal “Indian Summer”  7" EP (1987) Chemical Imbalance — Doors Cover

 Thee Oh Sees “Grown In A Graveyard”  Moon Sick EP (2013)  Castle Face
 Deerhunter “Sleepwalking”  Monomania (2013)  4Ad
 The Kinks “Sleepless Nights”  Sleepwalker (1977)  Arista
 Bleached “When I Was Yours”  Ride Your Heart (2013)  Dead Oceans
 La Luz “Sure As Spring” Damp Face (2012) Self-Released

Mikal Cronin "I'm Done Running From You" MCII (2013) Merge
 Wimps “Stop Having Fun”  Repeat (2013)  End of Time

Friday, May 10, 2013

Playlist May 10 2013
La Lune Fue Culpable

 Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich “DDD-BMT / Hold Tight!”  Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich (1966)  Fontana
 David Bowie “So She”  The Next Day (2013)  ISO/COLUMBIA — Bonus track
 R.E.M “Feeling Gravitys Pull  ” Live In Greensboro (2013)  Warner Bros — rec November 10 1989

 Garbage And Screaming Females “Because The Night”  10" EP (2013)  StunVolume — Patti Smith cover
 Patti Smith and her Band “Break It Up” Live Aux Vielles Charrues 2004 (2004)  Columbia — Trampin' ltd Bonus Live CD
 Tom Verlaine “Red Leaves” Tom Verlaine (1979)  Elektra — w/Deerfrance on Vocals

 Sam Phillips “Things I Shouldn't Have Told You”  Push Any Button  (2013)  Littlebox — forthcoming self financed Long Player
 The Beatles “Things We Said Today”  Something New! (1964)  Capitol — Mono
Sonny and the Sunsets “Imagine”  Single (2013)  Polyvinyl — Quirky John Lennon cover

 Sir Douglas Quintet “La Lune Fue Culpable”  Interpreta en Espanol EP (2013)  Sundazed — Rec 1970 (And It Didn't Even Bring Me Down)
 Townes Van Zandt “Who Do You Love”  Sunshine Boy (2013)  Omnivore — Rec 1972

 XX “Reconsider”  The Jamie XX Edits (2013)  Young Turks
 The Orioles “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me”  Single (1953)  Jubilee
 She and Him “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me” Volume 3 (2013)  Merge Records — Cover Karen Chandler original
 The Flairs “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Chill Me”  The Ultimate Flairs Ace Records
 Bleached “Outta My Mind”  Ride Your Heart (2013) Dead Oceans
 Best Coast “Who Have I Become?”  Single B-Side (2013)  Mexican Summer
 The Buzzcocks “You Say You Don't Love Me” A Different Kind Of Tension (1979)  Liberty
 Damon and Naomi “The New Historicism”  The Wondrous World of Damon & Naomi (1995)  20/20/20-Sub Pop — Combination of original mix and Kramer's mix
 Galaxie 500 “Temperature's Rising”  Today (1988) Aurora — unreleased second single
 Big Star “Thirteen”  Nothing Can Hurt Me (2013)  Omnivore — Rec 1972 Alternate Mix

 Nick Drake “Hazey Jane 1”  Bryter Layter (1969) Island
 Pink Floyd “Scarecrow” Single B-Side (1967)  Columbia — A Side - See Emily Play
 The Three O Clock “Lucifer Sam / As Real As Real”  Live At the Old Waldorf (2013) Burger Records — San Francisco Feb 1983

 The Flowers of Hell “Mr. Tambourine Man”  Odes (2012)  Spectralite — Nico and Velvets cover Dylan
 The Byrds “I See You”  Fifth Dimension (1966)  Columbia
 Robyn Hitchcock “I See You”  There Goes The Ice (2013)  Yep Roc — Phantom Singles Collection

 Deke Dickerson and The Trashmen “Torture” I'm a Trashman EP (2013) Major Label
 The Trashmen “Mean Woman Blues” Single (2013) Sundazed — Live At The Whiskey A Go Go St Paul Minn August 26 1966
 Wanda Jackson “Mean Mean Man”  Rockin' With Wanda (1960) Capitol
 The Cramps “Mean Machine”  Flamejob (1994)  Medicine
 Man Or Astroman? “Disintergrate”  Single (2013)  Chunklet — New Lp Coming soon to this planet
 Stephen Malkmus and Friends “Spoon” Can's Ege Bamyasi (2013)  Matador — Recorded Live
 GOAT “Run To Your Mama”  Run To Your Mama (Remixes) (2013)  Rocket Recordings — Redg Weeks Remix
 The Electric Prunes “All The Kings Horses”  Single (2013)  Stag O Lee — From Fuzztones tribute "In Fuzz We Trust"
 The Monkees “All The King's Horses” Missing Links Vol 2 (1990)  Rhino — Rec 6/66

 The Seeds “Pushin' Too Hard (Take 1)”  The Seeds (2012) Big Beat — With extra verse ! Rec 1966
 The Seeds “Just Let Go (Take 4)”  A Web Of Sound (2012)  Big Beat — with extra fuzzed section Rec 1966
 The Seeds “Did He Die”  Bad Part of Town (2013)  Sundazed — MGM Single B-Side 1970

 Tim O'Reagan and Jim Boquist “Cozy” Songs For Slim - EP (2013)  New West — W/ Paul Westerberg
 The dBs “Lakefront”  Revolution Of The Mind (2013)  Orange Sounds
 Wire “Magic Bullet” Change Becomes Us (2013) Pink Flag
 Donovan “Please Don't Bend”Sutras (1996)  American Recordings — Happy Birthday
 Foxygen “No Destruction”We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic (2013)  Jagjaguwar / Hostess
 The Chocolate Watchband “Baby Blue” Single (1966) Uptown

Friday, April 19, 2013

Playlist April 19 2013

Paul Williams Tribute  The 100 Best Singles (Abridged) 

 The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations”  Capitol  -- October 66
 The Spencer Davis Group “Gimme Some Lovin'”  Fontana — October 66
 Buffalo Springfield “For What It's Worth”  Atco — January 67

 Aretha Franklin “I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Loved You)”  Atlantic — February 67
 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles “The Love I Saw In You Was Just a Mirage”  Tamla — February 67
 The Kinks “Waterloo Sunset”  Pye — April 67

 The Doors “The Crystal Ship”  B-Side Elektra — May 67
 Van Morrison “Brown Eyed Girl”  Bang — July 67

 Jackie Wilson “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher”  Brunswick — August 67
 The Who “I Can See For Miles”  Decca — September 67

 Otis Redding “(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay”  Volt — January 68
 Jimi Hendrix Experience “All Along The Watchtower”  Reprise — August 68

 Grateful Dead “Dark Star”  Warner Bros. — August 68
 The Beatles “Hey Jude”  Apple — August 68

 Marvin Gaye “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”  Tamla — November 68
 The Rolling Stones “Honky Tonk Women”  Decca — July 69
 Creedence Clearwater Revival “Green River”  Fantasy — July 69

 The Velvet Underground “Foggy Notion”  Verve Bootleg — Rec May 1969 Released 1985
 Sly and the Family Stone “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)”  Epic — December 69
 James Brown “(Get Up I Feel Like Being A )Sex Machine Pt 1”  King — July 70

 Joe Simon “Drowning In The Sea Of Love” Spring — November 71
 Bob Dylan “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”  Columbia — August 73
 Bob Marley and the Wailers “No Woman, No Cry”  Island — August 75

 Patti Smith “Gloria”  Arista — February 76
 Sex Pistols “Anarchy In The U.K.”  Virgin — November 76
 Television “Marquee Moon Pt 1”  Elektra — March 77

 Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers “Roadrunner (Twice)”  B-Side Beserkley — June 77 - Rec 1971 w/ John Cale
 The Only Ones “Another Girl, Another Planet”  CBS — April 78

 Talking Heads “Take Me To The River”  Sire — November 78
 Dire Straits “Sultans Of Swing”  Warner Bros. — January 79

 Lipps, Inc. “Funkytown”  Casablanca — March 80
 Joy Division “Love WIll Tear Us Apart”  Factory — June 80
 Yoko Ono “Walking On Thin Ice”  Geffen — February 81

 R. E. M. “Radio Free Europe”  Hib-Tone — July 81
 Modern English “I Melt With You”  4Ad — November 82

 U2 “New Years Day”  Island — January 83
 George Clinton “Atomic Dog”  Capitol — January 83
 The Pretenders “Middle Of The Road”  Sire — December 83

 Prince “When Doves Cry”  Warner Bros. — June 84
 Peter Gabriel “Sledgehammer”  Virgin — April 86

Neil Young “Rockin' In The Free World”  Reprise — 89
 Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit”  DGC — November 91

Friday, April 12, 2013

Playlist April 12 2013

The New Dance You Can't Resist

 Karen Gwyer “Pikku-Kokki”  Needs Continuum (2013) No Pain In Pop
 David Bowie “How Does The Grass Grow” from The Next Day (2013)  ISO/Columbia — Interpolates Apache
 The Move “I Can Hear the Grass Grow”  Single (1967)  Deram — Second Single
 Cheap Trick “ELO Kiddies” Single B-Side (1976)  Epic

 Foxygen “We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic”  We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic (2013)  Jagjaguwar / Hostess
 The Kinks “20th Century Man”  Celluloid Heroes - The Kinks' Greatest (1976)  RCA — Special edit- Original on Muswell Hillbillies rec 1971

 The Replacements “I'm Not Sayin'”  Songs For Slim - EP (2013)  New West — Gordon Lightfoot cover
 Nico “I'm Not Sayin'”  Single (1965)  Immediate — Jimmy Page involvement
 Bob Dylan “I'll Keep It With Mine” Biograph (1985)  Columbia — Recorded 1-14-1965
 Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds “Wide Lovely Eyes”  Push The Sky Away (2013)  Kobalt
 Night Beds “Ramona”  Country Sleep (2013)  Dead Oceans
 Ramones. “Ramona”  Rocket to Russia (1977)  Sire
 Chris Montez “Some Kinda Fun”  Single (1963)  Monogram — Follow up To Let's Dance
 Rilo Kiley “The Frug”  Rkives (2013)  Little Record Company — Let's Dance The Frug
 Bobby Freeman “C'Mon And Swim”  Single (1964)  Autumn — Sly Stewart Production
 Annette Funicello “Jamaica Ska”   Annette At Bikini Beach  (1964)  Buena Vista — RIP Mousekateer Annette

 The Troggs “I Can't Control Myself”  Single (1966) Atco — Oh No ! Reg Presley RIP
 The New Mendicants “I Don't Want Control Of You”  Australia 2013 - EP (2013)  Ashmont Records — Joe Pernice and Teenage Fanclubber
 Ethan Johns “Don't Reach Too Far”  If Not Now Then When? (2012)  Three Crows Records
 The Shadows Of Knight “Gloria”  Single (1965)  Dunwich
 Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell “Bluebird Wine”  Old Yellow Moon (2013)  Nonesuch — Happy Birthday Emmylou
 Emmylou Harris “Bluebird Wine” Pieces of the Sky (1975) Reprise — 38 years earlier
 First Aid Kit “Emmylou”  The Lion's Roar (2012) Wichita
 Townes Van Zandt “Pancho And Lefty”  Sunshine Boy (2013) Omnivore — Rec 1972 Alternate No Strings or Horns
  The Specials “Maggie's Farm”  Single B-Side (1980) Two Tone — Not for Margaret

 Low. “Clarence White”  The Invisible Way (2013)  Sub Pop — Not about Byrds Guitarist
 The Byrds “This Wheel's On Fire”  Dr. Byrds and Mr. Hyde (1970)  Columbia — Alternate Version
 Robyn Hitchcock “Strawberries Dress” Love From London (2013) Yep Roc Records
 Kevin Ayers “The Lady Rachel”  Joy Of A Toy (1969)  Harvest — RIP Kevin
 The Teardrop Explodes “When I Dream”  To The Shores of Lake Placid (1982)  Zoo Records — Original Version Rec March 1980

Bleached “Next Stop” Ride Your Heart (2013)  Dead Oceans
 Blondie “(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear”  Plastic Letters (1977)  Chrysalis
 Waxahatchee “Coast To Coast”  Cerulean Salt (2013)  Don Giovanni Records
 Television “See No Evil”  Marquee Moon (1977)  Elektra Records — RIP Andy Johns Producer

Kicks   Magazine #1 reissued     
 Paul Revere and The Raiders “Kicks”  Single (1967) Columbia 
 Keith Allison “Leave My Woman Alone”  Keith Allison In Action (1968)  Columbia — Raiders as Backing Band
 Everly Brothers “Man With Money”  Beat And Soul (1965) Warner Brothers
 Dave Edmunds “Television”  Tracks On Wax 4 (1978)  Swan Song

 Vince Taylor “Brand New Cadillac”  Single B-Side (1959)  Parlephone
 Flamin' Groovies “Move It”  Flamin' Groovies Now (1978)  Sire
 Chris Stamey “The Summer Sun”  Single (1977)  Ork — History of Chapel Hill NC Bands
 The Velvet Underground “What Goes On”  The Velvet Underground (1969)  Verve — Mono Closet Mix

 The Coathangers “Merry Go Round” Single (2012)  Suicide Squeeze Records
 The Pandoras “You Don't Satisfy”  Single B-Side (1984)  Voxx
 The Liminanas “Mobylette”  Single (2013)  Trouble in Mind
 Wire “B/W Silence”  Change Becomes Us (2013)  Pink Flag
 Colin Newman “Lorries”  Not To (1982)  4 AD

Friday, March 15, 2013

Playlist March 15 2013

Smashing Time Guaranteed For All
 Billy Green “Stone Is A Trip”  Stone (2010) B-MUSIC — Original Stone Theatrical Trailer - 1974 Aussie Biker Flick
 King Tuff “Screaming Skull” Single (2012)  Sub Pop Records
 The Fleshtones “Screaming Skull”  Hexbreaker! (1983)  IRS

 Kevin Ayers “Religious Experience (Singing a Song In the Morning)”  Joy of a Toy (2003)  Harvest — Rec December 16 1969 / RIP Kevin Ayers
 The Rolling Stones “Sing This All Together”  Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967)  London — Article in last two Shindig Magazines
 XTC “Towers of London”  A Coat of Many Cupboards (2010)  Virgin — Rejected 1980 Single Recording
 Rita Tushingham and Lynn Redgrave “Smashing Time (Main Title)”  Smashing Time Soundtrack (1967)  ABC
 Television Personalities “Smashing Time”  Single (1980)  Rough Trade — Thinking about You, Dan
 Rita Tushingham and Lynn Redgrave “Smashing Time (End Title)”  Smashing Time Soundtrack (1967)  ABC

 T Bone Burnett “Gawd”  Single B-Side (1988)  Columbia — Non LP B-Side
 Robyn Hitchcock “Stupefied”  Love From London (2013)  Yep Roc Records
 The Replacements “Radio Hook Word Hit” Songs For Slim - EP (2013) New West  - Chris Mars
 Deke Dickerson and The Trashmen “Brewski”  I'm a Trashman: EP (2013) Major Label

 The Undertones “Mars Bars”  The Anthology (2008)  Salvo  — Live at the Lyceum Dec 3 1978
 Maria Minerva “The Sound”  Will Happiness Find Me? (2012)  not not fun
 Steve Wynn “Still Messed Up”Up There (2012)  Short Run — Home Demo
 Dan Stuart “Clean White Sheet”  The Deliverance of Marlowe Billings (2012)  The Cadiz Recording Co. — Former Green On Red frontman
 The Bees “Voices Green and Purple”  Single (1966)  Liverpool Records — Article in latest Ugly Things Magazine
 The Undertones “Get Over You” The Anthology (2008)  Salvo  — Live at the Lyceum '78 - Article in latest Mojo Magazine

 Sonny Smith “Some Women Artists All Around Town”  100 Records, Vol. 3 (2013) Polyvinyl  — Sonny Smith as Hazel Shep
 Annie Girl and the Flight “Double Crossed” Annie Girl and the Flight (2013)  United For Opportunity
 Kelley Stoltz “Double Exposure”  Son Of Flex - Group Flex II (2012)  Castle Face — Book of flexi disks
 The Attractions “Camera, Camera”  Mad About The Wrong Boy (1980)  f-Beat — Costello's Band without Elvis
 Temples “Prisms”  Single B-Side (2012)  Heavenly Recordings

 Superchunk “I Hate History”  Single (2013)  Matador — Matador's Singles Club release
 Kurt Vile / Meg Baird “Just Another Story”  Single (2012)  Matador — Matador's Singles Club release
 Jeffrey Novak “I Never Knew I Knew So Much”  Single (2013)  Matador — Matador's Singles Club release
 Magazine “You Never Knew Me”  The Correct Use of Soap (1980)  Virgin

 Marnie Stern “Year of the Glad”  The Chronicles of Marnia (2013) kill rock stars
 Foxygen “San Francisco”  We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic (2013)  Jagjaguwar / Hostess
 PAL Studio Band “Never On Sunday”  Paul Buff Presents: Vol 20 (2010)  Crossfire Productions — With Frank Zappa - 1963 recording - Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
 Girls Names “Hypnotic Regression”  The New Life (2013) Slumberland 
 Paul Kantner & Jefferson Starship “Have You Seen The Stars Tonight?”  Blows Against The Empire (1970)  RCA
 David Bowie “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” from The Next Day (2013) on ISO/Columbia

 101 Essential Rock records “Part 3” 
 John Mayall with Eric Clapton “All Your Love”  Blues Breaker   Decca UK— July '66
 The Yardbirds “Lost Women”  Yardbirds  Columbia UK— July '66
 The Mothers Of Invention “Hungry Freaks, Daddy”  Freak Out !  Verve — June '66
 Bob Dylan “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35”  Blonde on Blonde  Columbia — June '66

 The Beach Boys “Wouldn't It Be Nice”  Pet Sounds Capitol — May '66
 The Rolling Stones “Mother's Little Helper” Aftermath Decca UK— April '66
 Simon And Garfunkel “The Sounds Of Silence”  The Sounds Of Silence  Columbia — January '66
 The Who “Out In the Street”  My Generation  Brunswick UK— December '65

 Bob Dylan “Like A Rolling Stone” Highway 61 Revisited  Columbia — August '65
 The Byrds “Mr. Tambourine Man”  Mr. Tambourine Man  Columbia — June '65
 Them “Mystic Eyes” The Angry Young Them  Decca UK— June '65
 Davy Graham “Leavin' Blues” Folk, Blues & Beyond  Decca UK— January '65

 Bob Dylan “All I Really Want To Do”  Another Side of Bob Dylan  Columbia — August '64
 The Rolling Stones “Route 66”  The Rolling Stones  Decca UK— April '64
 Bob Dylan “Blowin' In The Wind”  The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan  Columbia — May '63
 The Beatles “I Saw Her Standing There”  Please Please Me  Parlophone UK— March '63

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Playlist March 8 2013

101 Essential Rock Records  (Pt 2)

 The Who “Overture”  Tommy Track UK — May '69
 Alexander "Skip" Spence “Little Hands”  Oar   Columbia — May '69
 Neil Young With Crazy Horse “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”  Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere   Reprise — May '69

 Sly and The Family Stone “Stand !”  Stand !  Epic — May '69
 MC5 “Ramblin' Rose”  Kick Out The Jams   Elektra — February '69
 The Flying Burrito Brothers “Christine's Tune”  The Gilded Palace Of Sin   A and M — February '69
 Led Zeppelin “Good Times Bad Times”  Led Zeppelin   Atlantic — January '69

 Creedence Clearwater Revival “Born On The Bayou”  Bayou Country   Fantasy — January '69
 The Soft Machine “Hope For Happiness”  The Soft Machine   Probe UK — December '68 - RIP Kevin Ayers
 The Pentangle “Market Song”  Sweet Child  Transatlantic UK — December '68

 The Pretty Things “S.F. Sorrow Is Born” S.F. SorrowColumbia UK — December '68
 The Beatles “Back In The USSR” The Beatles   Apple — November '68
 Van Morrison “Astral Weeks”  Astral Weeks   Warner Bros — November '68

 The Jimi Hendrix Experience “...And the Gods Made Love”  Electric Ladyland   Track UK — October '68
 The Byrds “You Ain't Goin' Nowhere”  Sweetheart Of The Rodeo  Columbia — August '68
 Big Brother and The Holding Company “Combination Of The Two”  Cheap Thrills   Columbia — August '68

 Jeff Beck “Shapes Of Things”Truth   Columbia  UK— August '68
 Grateful Dead “That's It for the Other One”  Anthem of the Sun   Warner Bros — July '68
 The Band “Tears Of Rage”  Music From Big Pink   Capitol — July '68

 Small Faces “Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake”  Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake  Immediate — May '68
 The Zombies “Care Of Cell 44”  Odessey and Oracle   CBS UK — April '68
 The Incredible String Band “Koeeoaddi There”  The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter  Elektra — March '68
 Fleetwood Mac “My Heart Beat Like a Hammer” Fleetwood Mac   Blue Horizon — February '68

 The Velvet Underground “White Light / White Heat”  White Light / White Heat   Verve — January '68
 Leonard Cohen “Suzanne”  Songs of Leonard Cohen   Columbia — December '67
 The Who “Armenia City In The Sky”  The Who Sell Out   Track  UK — December '67

 Traffic “Heaven Is In Your Mind”  Mr. Fantasy   Island  UK — December '67
 Cream “Strange Brew”  Disraeli Gears   Reaction  UK — November '67
 Love “Alone Again Or”  Forever Changes   Elektra — November '67
 Buffalo Springfield “Mr. Soul”  Buffalo Springfield Again   Atco — October '67

 Pink Floyd “Astronomy Domine”  The Piper At the Gates of Dawn    Columbia  UK — August '67
 Tim Buckley “No Man Can Find the War” Goodbye and Hello   Elektra — August '67
 Moby Grape “Hey Grandma”  Moby Grape   Columbia — June '67

 The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/With A Little Help From My Friends”  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band   Parlophone  UK — June '67
 The Jimi Hendrix Experience “Foxey Lady”  Are You Experienced   Track  UK — May '67
 Grateful Dead “The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)”  Grateful Dead  Warner Bros. — March '67

 The Velvet Underground and Nico “Sunday Morning”  The Velvet Underground and Nico   Verve — March '67
 Jefferson Airplane “She Has Funny Cars”  Surrealistic Pillow   RCA — February '67
 The Doors “Break On Through (To The Other Side)”  The Doors   Ekektra — January '67
 Laura Nyro “Goodbye Joe” More Than A New Discovery   Verve Folkways — January '67

 The Thirteenth Floor Elevators “You're Gonna Miss Me”  The Psychedelic Sounds Of   International Artists — November '66
 The Kinks “Party Line” Face To Face   Pye  UK — October '66
 Jefferson Airplane “Blues From An Airplane”  Jefferson Airplane Takes Off   RCA — September '66

 The Beatles “Taxman”  Revolver  Parlophone  UK — August '66
 The Butterfield Blues Band “Walkin' Blues”  East West  Elektra — August '66

Based on The Book "101 Essential Rock Records - The Golden Age of Vinyl From The Beatles to the Sex Pistols " by Jeff Gold  Gingko Press (2012)

First Track Side One Working Backwards