Friday, July 19, 2013

Playlist July 19 2013

Out of the Wilderness

 The Handsome Family “Flies”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top — Coming To High Noon July 20th
 Alice Cooper “Halo Of Flies”  Killer (1971)  Warner Bros — Edit
 The Cramps “Human Fly”  Songs the Lord Taught Us (1979)  IRS
 Nick Drake “Fly” Bryter Layter (1969)  Island
 The Handsome Family “Frogs”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians “A Globe of Frogs”  Globe Of Frogs (1988)  A and M
 Danny Dell and The Trends “Froggy Went a Courting”  Single (1959)  World Pacific
 The Handsome Family “Eels” Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 Ween “The Golden Eel”  The Mollusk (1997) Elektra
 Wire “Eels Sang”  Change Becomes Us (2013)  Pink Flag
 The Handsome Family “Octopus”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 Syd Barrett “Octopus” The Madcap Laughs (1970)  Harvest
 Bloc Party “Octopus”  Octopus - EP (2012)  Co-operative Music
 The Beatles “Octopus's Garden”  Abbey Road (1969)  Apple
 The Handsome Family “Owls” Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 The Dead Kennedys “I Am The Owl”  Plastic Surgery Disasters (1982)  Alternative Tentacles
 The Chills “Green Eyed Owl”  Heavenly Pop Hits - The Best of the Chills (1994)  Flying Nun — Rec Live 1985

 The Handsome Family “Caterpillars” Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 Lambchop “Caterpillar”  Is a Woman (2002)  Merge
 The Cure “The Caterpillar”  The Top (1984)  Sire
 The Strangers "Caterpillar Crawl" Single (1959)  Titan 
 The Handsome Family “Glow Worm”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 Vashti Bunyan “Glow Worms”  Just Another Diamond Day (1970)  Phillips
 The Apples In Stereo “Glowworm”  Hypnotic Suggestion EP (1995)  Bus Stop
 The Handsome Family “Lizard”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 Robyn Hitchcock “The Lizard”  Black Snake Diamond Role (1981)  Armageddon
 White Fence “Lizards First”  Family Perfume, Vol. 2 (2012) Woodsist
 The Handsome Family “Woodpecker”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top
 Chuck Berry “Woodpecker” Bio (1973)  Chess — W/Elephants Memory Band
 Frank Sinatra “Woody Woodpecker Theme” Your Hit Parade Vol 2 (1948)  Lucky Strike
 Nat Couty And The Braves “Woodpecker Rock”  Single (1958)  Fox
 The Handsome Family “Gulls”  Wilderness (2013) Carrot Top 
 Joni Mitchell “Song To A Seagull”  Joni Mitchell (1968)  Reprise — Debut LP
 Bad Company “Seagull”  Bad Company (1974) Swan Song
 The Handsome Family “Spider”  Wilderness (2013) on Carrot Top 
 The Vapors “Spiders”  Magnets (1981)  Liberty
 The Who “Boris The Spider” BBC Sessions (1996)  MCA - Saturday Club Jan 17 1967
 Brian Eno “Spider and I”  Before And After Science (1977) Polydor Records
 The Handsome Family “Wildebeest”  Wilderness (2013)  Carrot Top 
 Laurie Anderson “Wildebeests”  Live At Town Hall In New York City (2002)  Nonesuch — Edit
 Stackridge “Wildebeeste” Something for the Weekend (1988)  Angel Air
 Big Buildings “Wildebeest”  This Is The Bricks (2003) Stars/No Stars

The Handsome Family  "Giant Ants" Odessa (1994) Carrot Top 
Lee Allen  "The Eel" 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Playlist July 12 2013

Pull Up Yer Pants

 Venturesmania “Penetration / Black Sand Beach” Venturesmania ! Live (2013)  Major Label — From Funtastic Dracula Festival - Spain 2012
 Goat. “Dreambuilding”  Single (2013)  Sub Pop
 Man Or Astroman? “Defcon 3”  Defcon 5...4...3...2...1 (2013)  Chunklet — Long awaited return from Space

 Elvis Costello “Wrong Wrong Wrong About Me”  Ghost Brothers of Darkland County (2013)  Hear Music — Stage show coming to Madison this Fall
 Wilco “One True Vine”  Sky Blue Sky Bonus EP (2007)  Nonesuch
 Mavis Staples “Far Celestial Shore”  One True Vine (2013)  Anti — Nick Lowe number
 Nick Lowe “People Change”  At My Age (2007) Yep Roc Records
 Neko Case “That's Who I Am”  Ghost Brothers of Darkland County (2013)  Hear Music
 Patti Smith “Gloria”  Horses (1975)  Arista — Intro
 Tricky “Somebody's Sins” False Idols (2013) False Idols — Samples Patti Smith
 Lady Lamb the Beekeeper “Bird Balloons”  Ripely Pine (2013)  Ba Da Bing!
 Sonny and the Sunsets “Void”  Antenna To the Afterworld (2013) Polyvinyl
 The Three O'Clock “And So We Run” Sixteen Tambourines (1983)  Frontier — New Compilation of Rare tracks Just Released

Lenny Kaye's Garage Band Nuggets 2013

 Jacco Gardner “Watching The Moon”  Cabinet Of Curiosities (2013)  Trouble in Mind
 Shannon and the Clams “Bed Rock”Dreams In The Rat House (2013)  Hardly Arts — For Ben
 Gentleman Jesse “Frostbite”Leaving Atlanta (2012) Douchemaster
 The People's Temple “(Dark Dreams) Distant Memories” More for the Masses (2012)  Hozac
 Nobunny “Mess Me Up” Love Visions (2012)  Almost Ready Records
 Peach Kelli Pop “Red Leather”  Peach Kelli Pop (2011)  Infinity Cat
 Human Eye “Surface of Pluto”  4: Into Unknown (2013)  Goner
 Acid Baby Jesus “Horse” LP (2011)  Slovenly Recordings
 The Hussy “Woodland Creature”  Pagan Hiss (2013) Southpaw
 Radar Eyes “Disconnection”  Radar Eyes (2012)  Hozac
 The Young Sinclairs “Forever After”  Chimeys (2013)  Planting Seeds Records
 Royal Headache “Girls”  Royal Headache (2012)  Whats Your Rupture?
 The Frowning Clouds “Dame A Dozen” Single (2011)  Gaga Digi
 Marcia J Ball “Live Remote Broadcast” from Live at Fete De Marquette