Thursday, February 18, 2010

Playlist February 19 2010

Kneebone Shakers

"Pump It Up"
"Waiting For The End Of The World"
"Miracle Man"
Elvis Costello & The Attractions- Live at Hollywood High

Wilco "Impossible Germany"(Live) Sky Blue Sky Bonus EP
Buffalo Springfield "Broken Arrow" Buffalo Springfield Again
Jack Rose "Woodpile By The Side Of The Road" Luck In The Valley RIP Jack

Dale Hawkins "Susie Q" Best Of RIP Dale
Creedence Clearwater Revival "Green River/Suzie Q"(Live in Stockholm) Green River reissue
Real Estate "Green River" Real Estate
Meat Puppets "On The Move" Out My Way EP reissue
Wanda Jackson "Shakin' All Over" 7" Single(Third Man)

Yo La Tengo "You Make Me Feel Good" v/a Sweethearts
Catalina Vin "Caleidoscope" Genuine
Race Horses "No Man's Land" v/a Mojo The Madcap Laughs Again
The Clientele "Since K Got Over Me" Strange Geometry
Sam Phillips "Always Merry And Bright" Magic For Everybody EP
Leslie Gore "I Won't Love You Anymore(Sorry)" Leslie Gore Sings All About Love

Robyn Hitchcock "To Be Human" The Phantom Single
Robert Wyatt "At Last I Am Free" 7" Single(Rough Trade)

Joanna Newsom "Good Intentions Paving Company" Have One On Me
Laura Veirs "July Flame" July Flame

Elliott Smith "Bottle Up And Explode" XO
Charlotte Gainsbourg "IRM" IRM
Wilco "Dark Neon" Wilco (The Album) Bonus Track

The Monkees "Love Is Only Sleeping" Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones LTD
Jimi Hendrix Experience "Cat Talking To Me" 7" Single(Experience Hendrix)
The Heads "Could Be, Doesn't Matter" Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere
Cheap Trick "Lookout" Cheap Trick reissue
The Plimsouls "Everyday Things"(Live) Beg,Borrow & Steal Live

The Soft Pack "Answer To Yourself" The Soft Pack
Beach House "Silver Soul" Teen Dream
Siouxsie & The Banshees "Slowdive" A Kiss In The Dreamhouse
PK14 "Cuo Guo Le" City Weather Sailing
Rain Parade "Depending On You" Demolition

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles "Save Me" 7"Single B-Side(Motown)
The Undertones "Love Parade"(demo) An Anthology
Spoon "Love Song" v/a Sweethearts
Can "Spoon" Ege Bamyasi
Portastatic "Anything You Want" Make It Sound In Tune EP
Spoon "Nobody Gets Me But You" Transference

Robb London w/ Soul Unlimited "Gloria" 7" Single(Suzuki)
Wilco "Handshake Drugs"(live) A Ghost Is Born Bonus EP
Robyn Hitchcock "Dark Globe"(live) v/a Mojo The Madcap Laughs Again

Music Bed: The Undertones "You Stand So Close"(Instrumental) An Anthology

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Playlist February 12 2010

Lux Will Live In Your Memory Forever

Korla Pandit "TV Show Intro" Remembering
Paul Peek "The Rock A Round" Single(NRC)1958
Jan Davies "Watusi Zombie" Single(Holiday)1963
Rita Chao & The Quest "Hanky Panky" Single(King-Singapore)
The Runaways "Night Creatures" Single(Ram)1960

Kip Tyler & The Flips "Ooh, Yeah Baby" Single(Challenge)1957
Buzz Clifford "Baby Sitting Boogie" Single(Columbia)1961
Bob Hicks & The Fenders "Baby Sitting All The Time" Single(Mir A Sonic)1957
Billy Barrix "Cool Off Baby" Single(Chess)1957
The Lonely Knights "Do It To It" Single(L.& K. Records)

The Valiants "Walking Girl" Single(Keen)1958
Duane Eddy "Moovin' & Groovin'" Single(Jamie)1958
Nick & The Jaguars "Ich I Bon #1" Single(Tamla/Motown)1959
The Catalinas "Speechless" Single(Backbeat)1958
Bo Diddley "Congo" Bo Diddley Is A Lover(Checker)1961

The Treytones "Nonymous" Single(Sun Liner)1963
Little Becky Cook & The Rag Mops "The Itchy Scratch" Single(CBM)
Curley Jim & The Billy Rocks "Rock And Roll Itch" Single(Metro)1957
Eddie & The Showmen "Scratch" Single(Liberty)1963
The Camelots "Charge" Single(Comet)1962
The Viscounts "Night Fight" Single(Mr. Peacock)1962

Jackie & The Starlites "I Found Out Too Late" Single(Fury)1962
The Low Rocks "I Cry Tears" Single
The Falcons "My Only Love" Single(Falcon)1957
Los Pekenikes "Sospecha(Suspicion)" EP(Hispavox)1964
The Decades "On Sunset" Single(Era)1967
Ellaine & The Shardells "Black Crack" Single(Music Forum)

The Exports "Car Hop" Single(King)1964
The Cashmeres "Daddy, Can I Go To The Hop?" Single(Festival)1958
Benny Ingram "Jello Sal" Single(Bandera)1958
Ray Sharpe "Oh My Baby's Gone" Single(Dot)1958
Lou Josie "Why Did You Leave Me?" Single(Argo)1958
Steve & The Holidays "Unemployment" Single(Dandy)1961
The Moons "Gammera(Instrumental)" Single(Date)1967

The Four Winds And Their Teenage Friends "Short Shorts" Single(Decor)1957
The Royal Teens "Leotards" Single(Mighty)1959
Karen Young & The Knee Caps "Me And My Mini Skirt" Single(Fontana)1966
Danny Boy "Don't Go Pretty Baby" Single(Kent)1958
Turner Moore w/Charley Moore "I'll Be Leavin' You" Single(Mellotone)1956
Tyrone Schmidling "You're Gone, I'm Left" Single(Andex)1958
The Abstracts "Nightmare"

The Golden Catalinas "Can Your Monkey Do The Dog" Single(Target)1966
The Apes "Tarzan's Monkey" Single(Mercury)1964
Paul Ott "Kitty Kat" Single(Thunder Int'l)1960
Jacqueline Taieb "7 Heures Du Matin" Single(Impact)1967
Charlie Feathers "Tongue Tied Jill" Single(Meteor)1956
Betty McQuade "Tongue Tied" Single(Astor-Australia)1961
Miklos Rozsa "Spellbound Main Theme" Soundtrack 1945

The Space Walkers "Invaders"
Ronnie Self "Moonburn" rec 1961 Bop A Lena(Bear Family)
Sonny Day "Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt" Single(ABC-Paramount)1958
Reverend Charlie Jackson "Fix It, Jesus" Single(Booker)
Lightnin' Slim "Nothin' But The Devil" I'm Evil(Excello)
Emil Cadkin "The Devil On Wheels" Soundtrack 1947

Neal Scott & The Fortunes "Go Bohemian" Single(Clown)1959
Jay Hodge Ork "Goatsville" Single(Cornuto)
Billy Ward & The Dominos "These Foolish Things" Single(Federal)1953
Prince La La "Need You" rec 1962 v/a More Gumbo Stew(Ace)
The Monorays "What's Your Name?" Single(Nasco)1958

Sonny Til & The Orioles "Night And Day" Single(Festival)1960
The Flamingos "Golden Teardrops" Single(Chance)1953
Marvin Rainwater "Mr. Blues" Single(MGM)1956
Glen Goza "The Box" Single(Wand)1969
Porter Wagoner "Comes And Goes" What Ain't To Be Just Might Happen(RCA)1972
The Cramps "Can't Find My Mind" Psychedelic Jungle(IRS)

Dick Hyman w/Mary Mayo "For All We Know" Moon Gas(MGM)1963
Korla Pandit "TV Show Close" Remembering
The Cramps "Hanky Panky" How To Make A Monster(Vengeance)

Before the internet, tracking down songs covered by or influencing the Cramps was expensive, frustrating but rewarding. These are some of the songs I heard for the first time on compilations and singles while searching for that elusive song. I Thank Lux and Ivy plus the others that are more adept at finding and sharing their discoveries.