Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Playlist October 16 2015

Radio Active Marathon
Atticus Ross “The Black Hole”  Songs from Love and Mercy (2015)  Capitol
Goat. “It's Time for Fun”   Single (2015)  Sub Pop  — 33 1/3 version
Devo “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction”  EP (1977)  Stiff
Garbage “Vow”  Garbage (1995)  Almo
Julia Holter “Everytime Boots”  Have You In My Wilderness (2015)  Domino Recording
Sid and Susie “On The Way Home”  promo Single  Shout Factory — Buffalo Springfield cover

Wilco “Bull Black Nova”  Single b-side (2015)  dBpm — Live 2015
Peter Buck “The World Spins Around You”  Warzone Earth (2015)Mississippi — Tweedy Vocals
Ulver “Everybody's Been Burned”  Childhood's End (2012)  Kscope — Byrds cover
The Byrds “The World Turns All Around Her”  Turn! Turn! Turn! (1966)  Columbia — Alternate Mix w/ Bongos
White Mystery “Birthday (live)”  Dubble Dragon (2014)  White Mystery
Courtney Barnett “Boxing Day Blues (Revisited)”  Single (2015)  Third Man

Sanford Clark “It's Nothing To Me” Single (1966)  Ramco — Answer to "What's it to ya. Pal?"
Charlie Feathers “Nobody's Woman”  Single (1957)  King
The Cramps “Bend Over, I'll Drive”  Look Mom No Head! (1996)  Vengeance
Joe Hill Lewis “Hydromatic Woman”  Single (1952)

Steve Wynn “Transparency”  Solo Electric Vol 1 (2015)  Blue Rose
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band “Transparent Day”  Part One (1967)  Reprise
The Rokes “Let's Live For Today”  The Rokes (1966)  RCA Victor
The Zombies “Hung Up On A Dream”  Odessey and Oracle (1968)  Date — In Milwaukee Oct 16th
Beck “Dreams”  Single (2015)  Capitol
Bobby Hussy “Stoned and Dethroned”  Single (2015)  Votar — Debut Solo Effort

Diane Coffee “Soon to Be, Won't to Be”  Everybody's a Good Dog (2015)  Western Vinyl — In Town Oct 25 w/Of Montreal
Tame Impala “The Less I Know the Better”  Currents (2015)  Interscope/ Modular

Bow Wow Wow “C30 C60 C90 Anda!” Girl Bites Dog, Your Digital Pet (1982)  Parlophone
The Pooh Sticks “On Tape”  Single (1989)  Fierce Recordings

The Feelies “Fa Ce La” Single (1977)  Ork — Unreleased Single Version
The Talking Heads “Psycho Killer” Talking Heads 77 (1977)Sire
Teddy Durant “The Beast of Sunset Strip”  Single (1968) Impressions
The Fleshtones “Screaming Skull”  Hexbreaker! (1983)  IRS
Nick Drake “Time of No Reply”  The Peel Sessions (2014)  Island — 8-6-69
The Beatles “No Reply” Anthology 1 (1995)  Apple — Take 2
Yo La Tengo “I Saw the Light”  Fade (Deluxe Edition) (2013)  Matador  — In Town Nov 6

Jimmy Cross “The Ballad Of James Bong” Single (1965) Tollie
Positively 13 O'Clock “Psychotic Reaction”  7" single
Thee Oh Sees “Poor Queen”  Mutilator Defeated At Last (2015)  Castle Face
PIL “Bettie Page” What the World Needs Now... (2015)  Pil
Pink Floyd “Lucifer Sam”  The Piper At the Gates of Dawn (1967) Tower
Laura Marling “Gurdjieff's Daughter”  Short Movie (2015) Ribbon Music

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Playlist October 9 2015

Something Else! Precious and Rare
 Dr Winston O'Boogie's 75th Birthday Party 

 John Lennon “The Great Wok pt 1”  Anthology (1998)  Capitol — Rec 1979
 The Beatles “Come Together”  LOVE (2006)  Apple — Rec 1969
 The Beatles “Dear Prudence” The Beatles (1968) Apple
 John Lennon “Here We Go Again” Menlove Ave. (1986)  Capitol — Co written with Phil Spector 1973

 John Lennon “The Great Wok pt 2”  Anthology (1998)  Capitol
 John Lennon “Watching The Wheels” Acoustic (2004) Capitol — Rec 1980
 The Beatles “You've Got to Hide Your Love Away” Anthology 2 (1996) Apple — Take 5 rec 1965
 The Beatles “There's a Place”  On Air - Live at the BBC, Vol. 2 (2013)  Apple — "Pop Go The Beatles" 3rd September, 1963
 John Lennon “Remember” Home Tapes (2010) Capitol — Studio Outtake 1970

 John Lennon “I'm The Greatest”  Anthology (1998)  Capitol — Guide Vocal for "Ringo" rec 1973
 The Beatles “Any Time At All”  A Hard Days Night (1964)  Parlophone
 John Lennon “Tight A$”  Mind Games (1972) Apple
 John Lennon “Make Love, Not War”  Anthology (1998)  Capitol — early draft for Mind Games
 John Lennon “Mind Games” Mind Games (1972)  Apple
  The Beatles “It's Only Love”  Rubber Soul (1965)  Capitol — Mono

 The Beatles “This Boy”  Free As A Bird EP (1995)  Apple — Rec 1963
 John Lennon “Beautiful Boy” Home Tapes (2010)  Capitol — Early version 1980
 The Beatles “Dig a Pony”  Let It Be... Naked (2003)  Apple — Rec 1969
 John Lennon “Slippin and Slidin'”  Rock'n'Roll (1975)  Apple — Rec 1974

 The Beatles “I Just Don't Understand”  Live At The BBC (2013)  Apple — "Pop Go The Beatles" 20th August, 1963
 John Lennon “It's So Hard” Imagine (1971)  Capitol
 John Lennon “Going Down On Love”  Walls and Bridges (1974) Apple
 John Lennon “#9 Dream” Walls and Bridges (1974)  Apple
 The Beatles “Hey Bulldog”  Yellow Submarine Songtrack (1999)  Apple — Rec 1998

 John Lennon “Stranger's Room”  Anthology (1998) Capitol — Rec 1980
 John Lennon “I'm Losing You”  Howitis (1998)  Capitol — Promo w/ Cheap Trick as Backing Band rec 1980
 The Beatles “You're Going to Lose That Girl”  Help! (1965)  Capitol
 The Beatles “I'm a Loser”  Live At The BBC (2013)  Apple — "Top Gear" 26th November, 1964
 John Lennon “Satire 1 Oh Lord, Take This Makeup Off Of Me” Anthology (1998) Capitol — Rec 1979 Bob Dylan spoof

 John Lennon “Angel Baby”  Rock'n'Roll (1975)  Apple — Rosie and the Originals cover rec 1974
 The Beatles “I'll Be Back”  Anthology 1 (1995) Apple — Takes 2 and 3 rec 1964
 John Lennon “I'm Stepping Out”  Milk and Honey (1983)  Polygram — Rec 1980
 The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows” Anthology 2 (1996)  Apple — Take 1 rec 1966
 John Lennon “Real Love”  Anthology (1998)  Capitol — Rec demo 1980

 The Beatles “I'm So Tired”  Anthology 3 (1996) Apple
 The Beatles “I'm Only Sleeping”  Anthology 2 (1996)  Apple — Rehearsal
 The Beatles “I'm Only Sleeping (Mono)”  Yesterday And Today (1966)  Capitol
 The Beatles “Gnik Nus”  LOVE (2006)  Apple
 John Lennon “(Just Like) Starting Over”  Double Fantasy Stripped (2010) Capitol — Rec 1980
John Lennon “(Just Like) Starting Over Postscript”  Single (1969) Geffen — Promo single version

 John Lennon “Working Class Hero” Anthology (1998)  Capitol — Rec 1970
 John Lennon “Well Well Well”  Acoustic (2004)  Capitol — Rec 1970
 The Beatles “Cry Baby Cry” Anthology 3 (1996)  Apple — Take 1 Rec 1968
 The Beatles “Yes It Is”  Anthology 2 (1996)  Apple — Take 2 rec 1965
 The Beatles “Don't Let Me Down”  Let It Be... Naked (2003)  Apple — Rec 1969
 John Lennon “Honey Don't”  Home Tapes (2010)  Capitol
 John Lennon “I Found Out”  Plastic Ono Band (1970)  Capitol
 John Lennon “Jealous Guy”  Imagine (1971)  Capitol
 The Beatles “I Am the Walrus”  Anthology 2 (1996)  Apple — take 16 rec 1967
 John Lennon “One Of The Boys”  Home Tapes (2010)  Capitol
 John Lennon “Borrowed Time”  Anthology (1998)  Capitol — Rec 1980
 John Lennon “Instant Karma (We All Shine On)”  Single (1969) Apple

  John Lennon “Just Because”  Rock'n'Roll (1975)  Apple — Rec 1974