Thursday, February 16, 2006

Playlist January 13 2006

Singles Going Steady!

Cheech & Chong "Dave"
Elvis Costello "Less Than Zero"
XTC "Spiral"
Link Wray "Friday Night Dance Party"
The Fleshtones w/ Alan Vega "Gentleman's Twist"
Arcade Fire "Brazil"
Stereolab "Free Witch & The No-Bra Queen"
The Times "Red With Purple Flashes"
Sleater-Kinney "Maracas"
The Late B.P.Helium "Alright Yeah"
The Soft Boys "Astronomy Domaine"
The Higsons " I Don't Wanna Live With The Higsons"
Electrelane "More Than This"
D. Clinton Thompson "I Feel Good"
Yo La Tengo "Urban Crusher"
John Cooper Clarke "I Married A Monster From Outer Space"
Man Or Astroman? "Earth Station Radio"
Girls At Our Best "Going Nowhere Fast"
Trembling Blue Stars "She's Always There"
Amy Rigby "Mannequin"
Wire "Pink Flag"
The White Stripes "Shelter Of Your Arms"
Untamed Youth "Hot Lips Baby"
Anita Lane w/ Nick Cave "Bedazzled"
Beck "Diamond Bullocks"
Spooner "From My Head To My Shoes"
Barbara Manning & The Go-Lucky's "I'm On The Wrong Side"
Tall Dwarfs "The Brain That Wouldn't Die"
Julian Cope "Propheteering"
Fat Tulips "Passionate Friend"
Pavement "Killing Moon"
The Mummies "What A Way To Die"
Amelia Fletcher "Wrap My Arms Around Him"
Edwyn Collins "The Beatles"
They Must Be Russians "Don't Try To Cure Yourself"
Ari Up "I'm Allergic"
Darian "Do You Have Any Regrets?"
The Tentacles "Louie Louie Got Married"
The Chesterfield Kings w/ Mark Lindsay "Louie, Go Home"
The Colours Out Of Time "Rock Section"
Neutral Milk Hotel "Engine"
Lambchop "The Distance From Her To There"
The Deist's Pouch "Backsliding Deist Prayer"
The Television Personalities "The Man Who Paints The Rainbows"
The Tyde "Look Back In Anger"
The Hypsterz "Hey Joe"

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