Friday, March 10, 2006

Playlist March 10 2006

Other People's Dark Places

Ray Davies "The Getaway (Lonesome Train)" Other People's Lives*
Johnny Burnette & The Roll and Roll Trio "Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track)" Hits Collection
Dave Alvin "On My Way Downtown" V/A A Case For Case*

The Television Personalities "I'm Not Your Typical Boy" My Dark Places*
The Slits "Typical Girls(live)" Live In San Francisco 1980
BC Camplight "Suffer For Two(demo)" V/A Comes With A Smile*
Of Montreal "Microuniversity" 7" Tour Single*
Jens Lekman "They Should Have Given You The Oscar" Live @ Stora Teatern EP

Petra Haden "God Only Knows" download*
Isobel Campbell "The Beat Goes On" V/A Not Alone: Doctors w/o Borders*
Wanda Jackson "Baby, Let's Play House" I Remember Elvis*

Drive-By Truckers "The Great Car Dealer War" V/A Comes With A Smile*
Neil Young & Crazy Horse "Drive By" Sleeps With Angels
The Kinks "Drivin" Arthur
Ray Davies "After The Fall" Other People's Lives*

The Monkees "TV Theme From The Monkees" Missing Links Vol3
The Arctic Monkeys "A Certain Romance" Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not*
Spoon "The Beast And Dragon, Adored(new version)" V/A Comes With A Smile*
The Television Personalities "You Kept Me Waiting Too Long" My Dark Places*
The Kinks "Tired Of Waiting" To The Bone
Belle And Sebastian "For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea" The Life Pursuit*

Sibylle Baier "Tonight" Colour Green*
Ginny Reilly "Wildman" V/A Ladies from The Canyon*
Joy Division "Heart And Soul" Closer
Beth Orton "Heart Of Soul" Comfort Of Strangers*
The Yardbirds "A Heartfull Of Soul" Greatest Hits

Dan Melchior & The Broke Revue "Dumb Nostalgia" V/A Yeti Magazine
Sons And Daughters "Nice 'n' Sleazy" 7" Single*
Ray Davies "Other People's Lives" Other People's Lives*
The Minus 5 "With A Gun" The Gun Album*
Elvis Costello & The Metropole Orkest "Almost Ideal Eyes" A Flame Burns Blue*

Vashti Bunyan "The Same But Different (demo)" V/A Not Alone: Doctors w/o Borders*
Lambchop "Paperback Bible" Download eMusic*
The Television Personalities "Sick Again" My Dark Places*
Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins "Melt Your Hearts" Rabbit Fur Coat*
The Eighteenth Day Of May "Sir Casey Jones" The Eighteenth Day Of May*

The Summer Hymns "Behind That Locked Door" Value Series Vol.1: Fools Gold
Damon And Naomi "A Song For You" V/A Not Alone: Doctors w/o Borders*

The Television Personalities "Any Love Is Good Love" 7" Single*
Jolie Holland "Don't Get Trouble On Your Mind" V/A Yeti Magazine
Owen "I Woke Up Today" I Do Perceive (japan release)
Devendra Banhart "Todos los Delores LLa Se Van" V/A Yeti Magazine
Ray Davies "Stand Up Comic" Other People's Lives*

Monty Python "Finland" Contractual Obligation Album

* new release
Music Bed: Cul De Sac "The Portland Cement Factory At Monolith CA"

Doctor w/o Borders "Not Alone" compilation


drkoolarama said...

Dear Uncle Harry,
another enjoyable evening of entertainment brought to your fans by Somthing Else! thanks for the embedded Dave Alvin! Hey, my pal Jimmy and I attended that Slits show in Frisco!
Loved the Stranglers cover.

thanks for sharing your archives & presenting them so cleverly.
cheers till next week.

Harry Rag said...

I remember the Slits show at Merlyns. They actually came to WORT for a spell with my friend Reasonable Facsimile Who Hosted New Needles, WORT's first Punk adn New Music Show. Editted Parts of the Slits stint showed up on a single B-Side. I'll have to dig it out.The contest to win tickets was to give the Monthly colours every girl knows, Some woman called in with about 7 specific shades of red and ??? We shall never see the likes of them again