Friday, April 14, 2006

Playlist April 14 2006

Got A Good Friday On My Mind (Or What I Did On My Spring Break)

Loose Fur "The Ruling Class" Born Again In The USA *
Wilco "Jesus, Etc" Kicking Television

Peter Case "Entella Hotel" Man With The Blue Guitar
Sonic Youth "Pacific Coast Highway" Sister
Robyn Hitchcock "A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations, Briggs" Obliteration Pie

Elvis Costello w/ Metropol Orkest "God Give Me Strenght" A Flame Burns Blue *
T-Bone Burnett "A Ridiculous Man" Trap Door EP
Avett Brothers "Talk On Indolence" Four Thieves Gone *
The Flaming Lips "Haven't Got A Clue" At War With The Mystics *

Nikki Sudden "If I Could Write Poetry" V/A Tribute To The TV Personalities
The Television Personalities "No More I Hate You's" My Dark Places *
Gene Pitney "Only Love Can Break A Heart' Only Love Can Break A Heart
Neil Young "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" After The Goldrush
Swell Maps "Read About Seymour" 7" Single

Thee More Shallows "Pre - Present" More Deep Cuts *
Yo La Tengo "Barstool Blues" Here Comes My Baby EP

Charlemagne "Pink & Silver"(demo) Exile On Schley Pass *
The Raconteurs "Store Bought Bones" 7" Single *
Animal Collective "Must Be Treeman" Grass EP *
Serena Maneesh "Sapphire Eyes" (remix) 7" Single *
Siouxsie & The Banshees "Slowdive" A Kiss In The Dreamhouse

Belle & Sebastian "Meat And Potatoes" Funny Little Frog EP *
Stew "Into You" Guest Host
Mogwai "Acid Food" Mr. Beast *
Lambchop "Fade Away Jumper" Treasure Chest Of The Enemy Tour EP

John Vanderslice w/ Spoon "Time Travel Is Lonely" (Alternate) Insound Tour Support EP
Feathermerchants "Last Man On Earth" Last Man On Earth *
Field Music "You're So Pretty..." Field Music *

UK Today
Art Brut "Formed A Band" Bang Bang Rock & Roll *
The Subways "Oh Yeah" Young For Eternity *
Sons & Daughters "Taste the Last Girl" The Repulsion Box
The Arctic Monkeys "Bigger Boys & Stolen Sweethearts" Dancefloor EP

The Cribs "Hey Scenester" The New Fellas
The Editors "Head In A Bag" Blood EP *
Hard Fi "Cash Machine" Stars Of CCTV *
The Streets "War Of The Sexes" Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living *

The Noisettes "Don't Give Up" 3 Moods EP *
Nine Black Alps "Unsatisfied" Everything Is *
The Rakes "Retreat" Capture/Release
Elbow "Forget Myself" Leaders Of The Free World *

The Eighteenth Day Of May "The Waterman's Song To His Daughter" S/T *
Maximo Park "Apply Some Pressure" A Certain Trigger
The Arctic Monkeys "Who The F*ck Are The Arctic Monkeys?" 10" EP *

Music Bed: Glenn Kotche "Reductions or Imitations" Mobile *

* = New Release

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