Saturday, August 12, 2006

Playlist August 11 2006

25 Years Part 1 1981 - 1992
A Little Nostalgia For The Old Folks

The Fleshtones "The World Has Changed" Roman Gods
Pete Shelley "Homosapien" Homosapien
Heaven 17 "(We Don't Need That) Fascist Groove Thing" 12" Single

Black Flag "TV Party" 7" Single
The Jam "Beat Surrender" 7" Single
Grandmaster Flash "The Message" 12" Single

The Birthday Party "Sonny's Burning" The Bad Seed EP
The Rain Parade "What She's Done To Your Mind" 7" Single
The Undertones "The Sin Of Pride" The Sin Of Pride
New Order "Blue Monday" 12" Single

Spooner "Brave New World" Wildest Dreams
Bruce Springsteen "Dancing In The Dark (Blaster mix)" 12" Single
Captain Sensible "Glad It's All Over" 12" Single

The Moffs "Another Day In The Sun" 7" Single
The Minutemen "King Of The Hill" Project: Mersh
R E M "Can't Get There From Here" Fables Of The Reconstruction

Firetown "Secret Heart" In The Heart Of The Heart Country
Let's Active "In Little Ways" Big Plans For Everybody
Peter Case "Steel Strings(acoustic)" Peter Case

The Chesterfield Kings "Selfish Little Girl" Don't Open Till Doomsday
Plasticland "Don't Antagonize Me" Salon
Julian Cope "Trampolene" Saint Julian

The Waterdogs "Theme From Spy Dogs" 7" Single
Choo Choo Train "Perfect Day" 7" Single
Brian Wilson "Melt Away" Brian Wilson

Eleventh Dream Day "Testify" Beet
Pogues "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah" 12' EP
The Mekons "Memphis Egypt" Rock N Roll

The Pooh Sticks "Radio Ready" Formula One Generation
Steve Wynn "Tears Won't Help" Kerosene Man
Sonic Youth "Kool Thing" Goo
Neil Young & Crazy Horse F*!#@in' Up Ragged Glory

Ivory Library "Never" Dissolve
St Christopher "Say Yes To Everything" 7" Single
The Cramps "Wilder Wilder Faster Faster" Eyeball In My Martini EP

Television Personalities "You're Younger Than You Know" Closer to God
XTC "Then She Appeared" Nonsuch
The Chills "The Male Monster From The Id" Soft Bomb

1993 -2005 next week. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

Music Bed: "Chinese Kitchen" The Fleshtones

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keith said...

Hi Harry - what a show! When I called I forgot to say how great it was to hear the return of all the spoken word bits. I remember being so struck by them back in '92 when I fiirst tuned in. Can't thank you enough for all the years of great shows, and all the great music that I have (discs I've gotten as well as HR tapes) that I otherwise would never have heard. Will look forward to the 50th anniversary show... Keith