Saturday, September 16, 2006

Playlist September 15 2006

Came With A Smile

Bob Dylan "Thunder On The Mountain" Modern Times*
Chuck Berry "It Wasn't Me" Chuck Berry Chess Masters

R.E.M. "Ages Of You(live)" R.E.M. And I Feel Fine**
Primal Scream "Country Girl" Riot City Blues*
CSN&Y "Country Girl(I Think Your Pretty)" Deja Vu

Mew "The Zookeeper's Boy" And The Glass Handed Kites*
Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark "Electricity" 12" Single
Lambchop "Fear(re)" Damaged Bonus Disc*
Eric Matthews "Courage" Foundation Sounds*
James Dean Bradfield "Say Hello To The Pope" The Great Western*

Rockin' Baby's From Rockin' Bones**
All Selections From The Rhino Records Box Set

Billy Elridge "Let's Go Baby"
Sonny West "Sweet Rockin' Baby"
Edwin Bruce "Rock Boppin' Baby"
Don Willis "Boppin' High School Baby"

Comes With A Smile
Selections From The Magazines Exclusive CD's

Lambchop "The Book I Haven't Read(unreleased version)" Vol 1 All The While...
Grand Drive "One Last Smile" Vol 2 Boxes In The Hall...
Orgone Box "Ticket With No Return(Alt Mix)" Vol 3 Pretty Together
M. Ward "Let's Dance (live)" Vol 4 Let Them In, All Of Them
Steve Wynn "Southern California Line (live)" Vol 5 Kicking It With Clowns
Kevin Tihista "Sucker (rock version)" Vol 6 Des Vagues De Pierre
Aroah "The Biggest Idiot In The World" Vol 7 Back Into The Shadows
Spoon "The Right Place, The Right Time(demo)" Vol 8 Like Others Need Oxygen
At Swim Two Birds "Darling" Vol 9 Protect Our Secret Handshake
Blanche "Never Again (demo)" Vol 10 Wide-Awake, Crescent-Shaped
Bauer "Sunburned Teeth" Vol 11 Hope Isn't A Word
Jim White "Cinderblock Walls" Vol 12 Meanwhile, In The Meantime
Jens Lekman "No Time For Breaking Up" Vol 13 Every Minute A Mystery
Electrelane "Today" Vol 14 Words Worn Down To Nothing
Vetiver (with Hairy Fairy) "You May Be Blue (live)" Vol 15 Gloved Hands In A Squeeze
Drive By Truckers "Great Car Dealer War" Vol 16 How They Wash Away
Last Town Chorus "Boat (demo)" November 25 2005 EP

Thee Headcoatees "Spineless Little Shit" Sisters Of Suave
Yo La Tengo "I Should Have Known Better" I Am Not Afraid Of You...*
The Tyde "Brock Landers" Three's Co.*
The Who "We Got A Hit" Wire & Glass EP*

Jens Lekmans' "The Death Of This Summer" Mixtape

The Tough Alliance "Silly Crimes" EP
Arthur Russell "Lucky Cloud" The World Of Echo
Mahlathini & Mahotella Queens "Kazet" Kazet
Ennio Morricone "Mon Nom Est Personne" Soundtrack
Most Valuable Player "AC in HCMC"
America "Ventura Highway" Greatest Hits
Julien Jabre "Swimming Places" 12" Single
Action Biker "Farrah"

* New Release
** New Reissue

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