Saturday, February 17, 2007

Playlist February 16 2007

Songs The Nomads Taught Us

The Sonics "Psycho" 7" Single-Etiquette
The Pretty Things "Come See Me" 7" Single -Fontana
First Nomads Single 1981

Sooner Or Later "Night Time" 7" Single
The Sonics "Boss Hoss" 7" Single -Etiquette
Second Nomads Single 1982

Richard Berry "Have Love, Will Travel" 7" Single- Flip
Rebel Kind Comp 1983
Tony Casanova "Showdown" v/a Sin Alley Vol 1
1 Track Flexidisk 1984

The Revelons "The Way (You Touch My Hand)" 7" Single- Ork
Third Bardo "I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time" 7" Single
Chuck Berry "Downbound Train" 7" Single -Chess
The Chocolate Watchband "Milkcow Blues" Best Of -Rhino
When The Wolf Bane Blooms Mini-LP 1983

Elmore James "Stranger Blues" 7" Single -Bell
Alex Chilton "Bangkok" 7" Single -Ork
The Kinks "(I'm Not Like) Everybody Else" 7" Single- Reprise
Kit & The Outlaws "Don't Tread On Me" 7" Single -Phillips
Temptation Pays Double Mini-LP 1984

The Standells "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White" 7" Single -Tower
US Outburst Comp of first two mini-Lps Plus 1
Jerry "Boogie" McCain "I'm A Ding Dong Daddy From A Rock And Roll City" 7" Single
Jerry Byrne "Light's Out" 7" Single -Specialty
Warren Smith "Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache" Sun Collection
Stagger In The Snow Cassette 1984

The Stooges "A Real Cool Time" The Stooges -Elektra
Distorted Sounds from The North Comp 1984
The Sorrows "Teenage Letter" 7" Single -Piccadilly
Greeting From Sunny Beach Comp 1984

The Beaver Patrol "E.S.P." 7" Single -Columbia
Merrill Fankhauser & His HMS Bounty "Driving Sideways (On A One Way Street)" 7" Single- Shamley
Live Wolf Tour Split Single 1985

The Lyres "She Pays The Rent" 12" Single -Ace Of Hearts
Chan Romero "My Little Ruby" 7" Single -Donna
12" EP 1985

Blue Oyster Cult "This Ain't The Summer Of Love" Agents Of Fortune -Columbia
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band "Frying Pan" 7" Single -A&M
7" Single as The Screamin' Dizbusters 1986

The Dictators "16 Forever" Demo
The Atlantics "Come On" 7" Single -Sunshine
Thirteenth Floor Elevators "You're Gonna Miss Me" 7" Single -Intl Artists
12" Single 1987

The Nomads "Call Off Your Dogs" Hardware -Amiga
Charlie Feathers "Jungle Fever" New Honky Tonk Man
Tommy Bell "Swamp Gal" 7" Single -Vil
Del Shannon "Move It On Over" 7" Single -Amy
Hardware LP 1987

The Dictators "Next Big Thing" Go Girl Crazy -Epic
The Sonics "He's Waiting" 7" Single -Etiquette
7" Single As The Screamin Dizbusters 1988

Ray Charles "I Don't Need No Doctor" 7" Single -ABC Paramount
The Shadows Of Night "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" 7" Single -Dunwich
Roxy Erickson "I Have Always Been Here Before' 7" EP -Sponge
The Sonics "Cinderella" 7" Single -Etiquette
Link Wray "Fire & Brimstone" Link Wray -Polydor
All Wrecked Up Lp 1989

Steve Wynn "Smooth" Melting In The Dark -Enemy
The Yardbirds "A Certain Girl" The Yardbirds -Epic
Sonically Speaking LP 1991

The Rolling Stones "Jumping Jack Flash" 7" Single -London
Roky Erickson "Red Temple Prayer(Two Headed Dog)" 7" Single -Mars
The Heartbreakers "Chinese Rocks" 12" Single -Track
Various comps 1990 1991

The Zeros "Wimp" 7" Single -Bomp
7' Single b-side 1993
Hawkwind "Motorhead" 7" Single -Charisma
Motorhead Tribute LP 1991

The Wipers "Better Off Dead" Best of -Restless
The Boys "T.C.P." Alternative Chartbusters -Nems
The Gun Club "The Fire Of Love" Miami -Animal
Powertrip LP 1994

Music Bed: Rat Phink A Boo Boo

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