Saturday, August 18, 2007

Playlist August 17 2007

Road Trip : State Street To Central Avenue

Mark Olson "Clifton Bridge" Salvation Blues
Mark Olson Interview
Mark Olson "My Carol" Salvation Blues

Bob Dylan "Highway 51" Bob Dylan
Marlee MacLeod "Janesville Oasis" Favorite Ball And Chain
The Partridge Family "Point Me In The Direction Of Albuquerque" Greatest Hits

Nat King Cole Trio "Route 66" Get Your Kicks
Everly Brothers "Illinois" Roots
Sufjan Stevens "They Are All Night Zombies (I.L.L.I.N.O.I.S.)" C'Mon Feel The Illinoise
Slobberbone "Springfield Illinois" Slippage

Wilco "Passenger Side" A.M.
The Easybeats "Saint Louis" Absolute Anthology
Steely Dan "East St. Louis Toodle Oo" Pretzel Logic
The Flaming Groovies " St Louis Blues" Shake Some Action
Chuck Berry "Route 66" More Rock & Roll Rarities

The Clash "The Gates Of The West" 7" Single
Low "Missouri" Secret Name
The Morrells "Reds" Shake And Push
Maryann Price "Hoppin In Joplin" v/a More Songs About Route 66

Dinah Shore "See The USA In Your Chevrolet" v/a Hot Rod Box Set
The Kinks "Drivin' " Arthur
Junior Brown "Highway Patrol" Junior High
Arlo Guthrie w/ Pete Seeger "66 Highway Blues" v/a If I Had A Song vol2

Original Cast "Oklahoma!" Soundtrack
Tom Waits "Burma Shave" Foreign Affairs
Nick Lowe "Endless Grey Ribbon" 7" Single
The Kinks "Oklahoma USA" Muswell Hillbillies

Gene Pitney "24 Hours from Tulsa" Greatest Hits
Jason Roberts "T.U.L.S.A. Straight Ahead" v/a More Songs About Route 66
Don Williams "Tulsa Time" Definitive Collection
Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys "Take Me Back To Tulsa" Essential

World Premiere !!
The Flaming Lips "I Was Zapped By The Luck" v/a Good Luck Chuck Soundtrack

Bill Monroe & The Blue Grass Boys "Panhandle Country" Live @ Mechanics Hall
Asleep At The Wheel "Miles And Miles Of Texas" Wheelin And Dealin
Emmylou Harris "Amarillo" Elite Hotel
Bruce Springsteen "Cadillac Ranch" The River
Howlin Wolf "Highway Man (Cadillac Daddy)" Legendary Sun Performer

Johnny Cash "Cisco Cliftons Filling Station" Essential
Townes Van Zandt "White Freightliner Blues" Live At The Old Quarter, Houston TX
Little Feat "Willin" Little Feat
Freedy Johnson "Tucumcari" The Troubled Tree

Tom Russell "El Llano Escadero" Cowboy Real
Wall Of Voodoo "Call Of The West" Call Of The West
Bob Dylan "Santa Fe" Bootleg Seies Vol 2
Neil Young "Albuquerque" Tonights The Night
The Cramps "Route 66" Flamejob

Music Beds:
Nelson Riddle "Theme from Route 66"
Duane Eddy "40 Miles Of Bad Roads"
The Ventures "Red River Rock"

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