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Playlist April 17 2009

Acid Tinged Alphabet Of 60's US Psych

Stu Mitchell With Wes Dakus Rebels "Acid" 7" Single (Kapp) 66
Autosalvage "Glimpses Of The Next World's World' Autosalvage (RCA) 68
Bubble Puppy "Hot Smoke & Sassafrass" A Gathering Of Promises (International Artists) 69
Blues Magoos "(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet" Psychedelic Lollipop (Mercury) 66
The Chocolate Watchband "Are You Gonna be There (At The Love-In)" 7" Single (Tower) 67
Country Joe & The Fish "Bass Strings" Electric Music for The Mind And Body (Vanguard) 67
The Dovers "Third Eye" 7" Single (Miramar) 66
The Driving Stupid "Horror Asparagus Stories" 7" Single (KR 102) 66
The Electric Prunes "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)" I Had Too Much To Dream (Reprise) 66
The Elastik Band "Spazz" 7" Single (Atco) 67
Kim Fowley "Bubblegum" Outrageous (Imperial) 68
Fifty Foot Hose "Red The Sign Post" Cauldron (Limelight) 68
The Great Society "Darkly Smiling" How It Was (Columbia) 66
The Golden Dawn "Starvation" Power Plant (International Artists) 68
H.P.Lovecraft "At The Mountains Of Madness" H.P. Lovecraft II (Philips) 68
Haymarket Square "Amapola (edit)'" Magic Lantern (Chaparral) 68
The Calico Wall "I'm The Living Sickness" 7" Single (Acetate) 67
The Third Bardo "I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time" 7" Single (Roulette) 67
J.K. & Co. "Fly" Suddenly One Summer (White Whale) 69
J.D. Blackfoot "Waiting To Be Born" The Ultimate Prophecy (Mercury) 70
Kaleidoscope "Pulsating Dream" Side Trips (Epic) 67
Kak "Bryte 'N' Clear Day" Kak-Ola (Epic) 69
The Lollipop Shoppe "You Must be A Witch" You Must Be A Witch (Uni) 68
Lothar And The Hand People "Machines" Presenting... Lothar And The Hand People (Capitol) 68
The Misunderstood "I Can Take You To the Sun" 7" Single (Fontana) 66
The Music Machine "The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly" 7" Single (Original Sound) 68
Nazz "Open My Eyes" Nazz (SGC) 68
Neighb'rhood Childr'n "Long Years In Space" Neighb'rhood Childr'n (Acta) 68
The Oxford Circle "Foolish Woman" 7" Single (World United) 66
The Other Half "Mr Pharmacist" 7" Single (GNP-Crescendo) 66
The Count V "Psychotic Reaction" Psychotic Reaction (Double Shot) 66
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy "It's A Happening Thing" The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Is Spreading (Columbia) 67
Quicksilver Messinger Service "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" Revolution Soundtrack (U/A) 68
The Balloon Farm "A Question Of Temperature" 7" Single (Laurie) 67
The Red Crayola "Hurricane Fighter Plane" Parable Of Arable Land (International Artists) 67
The Rockets "Mr Chips" The Rockets (White Whale) 68
Skip Spence "War In Peace" Oar (Columbia) 69
Sons Of Adam "Feathered Fish" 7" Single (Alamo) 66
13th Floor Elevators "Fire Engine" The Psychedelic Sounds Of...(International Artists) 66
Teddy And His Patches "Suzy Creamcheese" 7" Single (Chance) 67
The United States Of America "Coming Down" The United States Of America (Columbia) 68
Ultimate Spinach "Ballad Of The Hip Death Goddess (edit)" Ultimate Spinach (MGM) 68
The Vejtables "Feel The Music" 7" Single (Uptown) 66
The Velvet Illusions "Acid Head" 7" Single (Tell) 67
We The People "Mirror Of Your Mind" 7" Single (Challenge) 66
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band "1906" Part One (Reprise) 67
The Man With The X-Ray Eyes Trailer 63
The Human Expression "Optical Sounds" 7" Single (Accent) 67
The Youngbloods "Darkness, Darkness" Elephant Mountain (RCA) 68
Yesterday's Obsession "Phycle" 7" Single 66
Zakary Thaks "Bad Girl" 7' Single (J-Beck) 66
The Zodiac "Aries" Cosmic Sounds (Elektra) 67

Based on the MOJO Magazine article "A to Z of U.S. Psych" (April 2009)

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