Monday, October 05, 2009

Playlist October 9 2009

It's Johnny's 69th Birthday

"The Great Wok"(excerpt) John Lennon Anthology
"It's Johnny's Birthday" George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
"Come Together" The Beatles - Abbey Road
"Revolution 9"(mono excerpt) The Beatles - The Beatles
"Jock And Yono"(excerpt) The Beatles - 1968 Christmas Message
"Dear Yoko"(Alternate) John Lennon Anthology
"Baby, It's You" The Beatles - Beatles At The BBC
"Only You"(guide vocal) John Lennon Anthology
"Whatever Gets You Thru The Night"(demo) John Lennon Anthology
"Whatever Gets You Thru The Night"(quad mix) Walls & Bridges

"My Life"(demo) John Lennon Anthology
"(Just Like) Starting Over"(long promo version) 12" Single
"Angel Baby" Menlove Avenue
"Soldier Of Love" The Beatles - Beatles At The BBC
"And Your Bird Can Sing"(version) The Beatles - Anthology Vol2
"#9 Dream" Walls & Bridges
"Hey Bulldog" The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Songbook

"Stay In Bed"(excerpt) Wedding Album
"Because"(vocals) The Beatles - Anthology Vol3
"Gnik Nus" The Beatles - Love
"Don't Let Me Down" The Beatles - Let It Be...Naked
"You Are Here" Mind Games
"Tomorrow Never Knows"(UK mono) The Beatles - Revolver
"Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"(mono) The Beatles - Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

"Once Upon A Pool Table"(excerpt) The Beatles - 1968 Christmas Message
"Rain" The Beatles - 7" Single B-Side
"Nobody Told Me" The Beatles - Milk And Honey
"Polythene Pam"(demo) The Beatles - Anthology Vol3
"Girl"(mono) The Beatles - Rubber Soul
"Woman"(demo) John Lennon Anthology
"Jealous Guy"(alternate) John Lennon Anthology
"I Am The Walrus"(no strings) The Beatles - Anthology Vol2
"Stranger's Room"(demo) John Lennon Anthology
"I'm Losing You"(unedited Cheap Trick version) Howitis John Lennon Anthology promo

"Yer Blues" Dirty Mac - The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus
"Cold Turkey" Live/Peace In Toronto
"Well(Baby Please Don't Go)"(w/Zappa) Sometime In New York City
"I Saw Her Standing There"(live w/ John Lennon) Elton John - 7" Single B-Side
"John Sinclair"(live) John Lennon Anthology
"Baby's In Black"(live) The Beatles - Real Love EP
"Twist And Shout"(live) The Beatles - Anthology Vol1

"Help"(US mono) The Beatles - Help
"Give Peace A Chance"(intro) John Lennon Anthology
"Give Peace A Chance" 7" Single
"Gimme Some Truth" Imagine
"Happiness Is A Warm Gun"(demo) The Beatles - Anthology Vol3
"Happiness Is A Warm gun"(mono) The Beatles - The Beatles
"Instant Karma" 7" Single

"Imagine"(live) Acoustic
"Watching The Wheels"(demo) Acoustic
"I'm So Tired"(session) The Beatles - Anthology Vol3
"I'm Only Sleeping"(UK mono) The Beatles - Revolver
"I'm Only Sleeping"(rehearsal) The Beatles - Anthology Vol2
"God"(excerpt) Plastic Ono Band

"Long Lost John" John Lennon Anthology
"Happy Birthday John" Janis Joplin - Janis

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whenyouawake said...

nice! Looks like an awesome show. Especially since John's birthday also happens to be my birthday. Keep on spreading the good word!

Jody + when you awake