Saturday, January 07, 2012

January 13th 2012

Mod A Go-Go!! AKA Stretch Elastic Pants

Zdenek Liska “Statue Of Salt One” from Malá Morská Víla (2010) on Finders Keepers Records — 1976 Czech Soundtrack to The Little Mermaid

Sue & Sunny “Big Bush Sound” from Stockingtop Pop (2007) on RPM Records — Rec 1968 AKA The Stockingtops

The Favourite Suns “That Driving Beat” from Single (1966) on Mercury

Haydock's Rockhouse “Mix-A-Fix” from Single B-Side (1967) on Columbia — Ex Member of the Hollies

Sean Buckley & The Breadcrumbs “No Matter How You Slice It” from Unreleased (1967) on Polydor

The Jynx Pack “She's In Love” from Single (1965) on Mercury

Goldie & The Gingerbreads “Look For Me Baby” from Unreleased (1967) on Polydor

The Treetops “Without the One You Love” from Single (1971) on Columbia

Hugo Strasser “Black Night” from Tanzhits (1994) on EMI — Rec 1971 - Blues Magoos riff

Y Nhw “Siwsi” from Single (1970) on Sain — "Suzy"

Pussy Cat “Mais Pourquoi?” from Stop! (1966) on RCA Victor — You're No Good

Jet Harris “My Lady” from Single (1967) on Fontana — Troggs cover - Ex-Member of The Shadows

The Shadows “Scotch On the Socks” from Single B-Side (1966) on Columbia

The Senators “She's A Mod” from Single (1964) on Dial — Original version

Beryl Marsden “What's She Got (That I Ain't Got)” from Single (1966) on Columbia — Gerry's Sister

Gerry & The Pacemakers “Don't You Ever” from I'm The One EP (1964) on Columbia

Freddie & The Dreamers “Feel So Blue” from Single (1963) on Columbia

The Cameos “Pretty Shade Of Blue” from Single (1968) on Toast

Unknown Artist “Pink Purple And Blue” from Unreleased (1965) on Unknown — Story of a Dollybird in Swinging Londontown

Don & Stevie “Keep An Eye On You” from Keep An Eye On You (2012) on Finders Keepers Records — Forthcoming Album

Tony Rivers & The Castaways “I Love The Way You Walk” from Single (1965) on Columbia

Dani Sheridan “Guess I'm Dumb” from Single (1966) on Planet — Shel Talmy Prod of Brian Wilson Number

Soul Orgasm isation “Ode To Billie Joe” from Nymphomania! (1999) on Sexy Hexy — Sexy European Go Go Music

Karen Young “Let's Start The Party Again” from Single (1965) on Pye

The Shots “Keep a Hold of What You Got” from Single (1965) on Columbia

The Amboy Dukes “You Better Find Yourself Someone” from Unreleased (1967) on Polydor — The UK group - Not Ted Nugent's Band

Tom Jones “Venus” from Tom (1970) on Parrot

The Science Fiction Corporation “Flirtation On Venus” from Science Fiction Dance Party (2009) on Finders Keepers Records — 1971 vintage

The Gobbledegooks “Where Have You Been?” from Single (1964) on Decca

The Others “I'm Taking Her Home” from Single (1964) on Fontana — Answer Song to "You Better Move On"

The Mojos “Until My Baby Comes Home” from Single (1968) on Liberty

The Barron Knights “Coming Home Baby” from Single (1964) on Columbia

Klaus Doldinger “Comin' Home Baby” from Doldinger's Best (1992) on ACT Music — Rec 1963

Polly Perkins “You Too Can Be A Beatle” from Young Lover Single (1964) on Oriole

The Typhoons “I'm In Love” from Single B-Side (1964) on Embassy — nice Beatle sound

The Strangers with Mike Sheridan “One And One Is Two” from Single (1964) on Phillips — Lennon/McCartney Song

Mike Patto “Love” from Single B-Side (1966) on Columbia

Herman's Hermits “Wild Love” from Hold On! EP (1966) on Columbia

Dave & The Diamonds “Think About Love” from Unreleased (1965) on Columbia

The Nocturnes “Night Owl” from Unreleased (1967) on Polydor

Ilaiyaraaja( featuring Vani Jairam & Chorus) “Thanimayil” from Solla Solla (2011) on Finders Keepers Records — The Kollywood Film Soundtracks

Blues Section with Jim Pembroke “Hey Hey Hey” from Single (1967) on Love — Cool Heavy Cream and Hendrix sound

Carlo Montez “Theme From Danger In Go Go Boots” from Nymphomania (1999) on Sexy Hexy — more Sexy European Go Go Music

The Roaring 60's “We Love The Pirates” from Single (1966) on Marmalade — Tribute to Pirate Radio

The Attack “You Know He Did” from Final Daze (2001) on Angel Air Records — Unreleased demo 1967

The Equals “Lonely” from I Won't Be There EP (1971) on President — Rec in 1968

The Stockingtops “I Don't Ever Wanna Be Kicked By You” from Stockingtop Pop (2007) on RPM Records — Recorded in 1968 aka Sue & Sunny

The Sages “I'm Not Going to Cry” from Single (1966) on RCA — AKA The 4 Avengers

The Richard Kent Style “Crocodile Tears” from Single (1968) on MCA

The Aces “I Count The Tears” from Single (1967) on Parlephone

The Fleur De Lys “I Walk The Sands” from Unreleased (1967) on Polydor

Susan Christie “Ghost Riders In The Sky” from Paint a Lady (1969) on Twisted Nerve Recordings — unreleased 1969 folk/psych album

Ady Zehnpfennig “Geisterreiter” from Nymphomania (1999) on Sexy Hexy — Even more Sexy European Go Go Music

The Creation “Life Is Just Beginning” from Unreleased (1967) on Polydor — Alternate version w/ extra verse and orchestration

The Herd “Understand Me” from Single B-Side (1967) on Fontana — Peter Frampton Vocals

Little Darlings “Little Bit O' Soul” from Single (1966) on Fontana — Original version

Simone Jackson “Pop Pop Pop Pie” from Single (1962) on Piccadilly — It's The Dance of the Day!!

Vince Philpott & The Drag “The Cramp” from Single (1964) on Decca — Wonder if Lux & Ivy Knew??

The Washington DC's “I've Done It All Wrong” from Single (1968) on Hit-Ton

Unknown Band "Can't Get None of your Lovin' Baby"

Jacky Chalard “Super Man - Super Cool” from Je Sus Vivant, Mais J'ai Peur De Gilbert Deflez (2010) on Finders Keepers Records — French Rec 1974

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Loved the Susan Christe “Ghost Riders In The Sky”