Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Playlist March 16th 2012

You Can't Do That ! Part 2 : Dear Departed Friends

The Firesign Theatre “Mark Time” from Dear Friends (1972) — Dedicated to Peter Bergman RIP

The Flaming Lips with Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band “The Fear Litany” from 12' EP (2012) — New Years Eve 2011 Release

The Firesign Theatre “Aboriginal Amateur Hour” from Pink Hotel Burns Down (1998) — Rec 1969

Sweet Lights “The Ballad Of Kurt Vile #2” from Sweet Lights (2012) — Former member of "The War On Drugs"

Kurt Vile “Life's A Beach” from So Outta Reach (2011) — Coming to High Noon Saloon

Proctor & Bergman “Turning on Bosco Hern” from What This Country Needs (1975)

Captain Beefheart “Odd Jobs” from Bat Chain Puller (2012) — Original recording 1976

The Firesign Theatre “Duke Of Madness” from Dear Friends (1972)

Van Dyke Parks “The All Golden” from Single (2012) Bananastan — Recent Re-Recording

Proctor & Bergman “Salute My Boots” from TV Or Not TV (1973)

Paul Weller “River Man” from Come On Let's Go (2012) Mojo — Nick Drake Cover Rec 2009

Chuck Prophet “Temple Beautiful” from Temple Beautiful (2012) — Opening For Paul Collins/Peter Case

The Firesign Theatre “Giant Toad” from Dear Friends (1972)

The Nerves “One Way Ticket” from One Way Ticket (2008) — Peter Case, Paul Collins, Jack Lee Unreleased 1977 Bomp Single

The Breakaways “Walking Out On Love” from Walking Out On Love: The Lost Sessions (2009) — Peter Case , Paul Collins Rec1978

The Beat “Work A Day World” from The Beat (1979) — Paul Collins Rec 1979

The Firesign Theatre “Bob's Brazerko Lounge” from Dear Friends (1972)

The Plimsouls “A Million Miles Away” from Beach Town Confidential (2012) — Live at the Golden Bear 1983 w/Peter Case

Paul Collins Beat “Rock And Roll Girls” from Live In Europe (2011)

Peter Case “(Give Me) One More Mile” from The Case Files (2011) — Peter Case & Paul Collins together Shank Hall Milwaukee March 24th

The Monkees “I Wanna Be Free” from The Monkees (1966) — RIP Davy Jones-- first Monkees song recorded

The Monkees “Zilch” from Headquarters (1967) — Davy Jones Vocal Track

The Monkees “Star Collector” from Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. (1967) — Alternate Mix- Long version - More Moog

The Monkees “She Hangs Out” from Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. (1967) — Promotional Early Single Version

The Monkees “Forget That Girl” from Headquarters (1967)

Proctor & Bergman “"Callbak"” from What This Country Needs (1975) — Davy Phone call

The Monkees “Valleri” from Missing Links Vol 2 (1990) — First Recorded Version- Taped off TV in 1966

You Can't Do That ! Part 2 “Same Title, Different Song: The Beatles

The Kinks “Misery” from Low Budget (1979)

The Explorers Club “Hold Me Tight” from Freedom Wind (2008)

John Hiatt “Thank You Girl” from Bring The Family (1987)

Chris Stamey “And I Love Her” from Travels In The South (2004)

Proctor & Bergman “Movie Spots” from Give Us A Break (1978)

Yo La Tengo “I Should Have Known Better” from I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (2006)

? & The Mysterians “I'll Be Back” from Action (1967)

The Buzzcocks “No Reply” from Another Music In A Different Kitchen (1978)

The Who “I Need You” from Happy Jack (1967)

The Von Bondies “Tell Me What You See” from Pawn Shoppe Heart (2004)

Proctor & Bergman “Hot Rock Radio” from Give Us A Break (1978)

The Firesign Theatre “Nd Of The World” from Pink Hotel Burns Down (1998) — Rec 1969

David Crosby “Drive My Car” from CSN Box Set (1991) — Rec 1978

Beck “Girl” from Guero (2005)

The Lyrics “Wait” from Single (1967) GNP/Crescendo

The Pretty Things “Rain” from Parachute (1970)

Proctor & Bergman “The Pills Brothers On Drugs” from TV Or Not TV (1973)

Squire “(It's) Getting Better” from Single B-Side (1984) Squire Fan Club Records

Dr John “Revolution” from Single (2012) — Forthcoming LP "Locked Down"

The Firesign Theatre “Captain Equinox” from Pink Hotel Burns Down (1998) — Rec 1969

The Moles “What's The New Mary Jane” from Dbl 7" Single (1992) Ringers Lactate

The Sugarcubes “Birthday” from Birthday - EP (1987) One Little Indian

Taken By Trees “Julia” from Open Field (2007)

Butthole Surfers “Something” from Brown Reason To Live (1983)

Proctor & Bergman “Brain Dusters Memory School” from Give Us A Break (1978)

Supertramp “Oh Darling” from Breakfast In America (1979)

Dave Clark Five “Because” from Single (1964) Epic

Elvis Costello and The Attractions “I Want You” from Blood and Chocolate (1986)

Sibylle Baier “The End” from Colour Green (2006) Rec 1970 ish

The Residents “Beyond A Valley Of A Day In The Life” from Residents Play The Beatles (1977) Ralph Records

Proctor & Bergman “National Anthem” from Give Us A Break (1978)

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