Monday, April 09, 2012

Playlist April 13 2012

More Sugar! Let's Eat

The Firesign Theatre “Peter Bergman Tribute” — Special Guest Host Rick Murphy
from 8-9pm

"The American Pageant"
"40 Great Unclaimed Melodies"
"High School Madness!"
"Giant Toad"

"The Further Adventures Of Nick Danger"
"Bob's Brazerko Lounge"

In the Spring of 1971, The Firesign Theatre recorded their 4th Album "I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus". Burnt out after 4 years of non stop radio shows, recording, writing, and touring. To satisfy demand, The foursome agreed to trawl through the tapes of their KPFK Radio series "Dear Friends" 21 broadcasts from September 1970 to February 1971, The highlights were issued in February 1972 as "Dear Friends". In the Fall of 1971, The Firesign Theatre agreed to produce 12 episodes of a new radio series called "Let's Eat"(named after an abandoned Movie Project). You can hear in the excerpts broadcast tonight the Firesign Theatre revisiting old characters (Mark Time) and working up characters and story lines that would find fruition in later album projects. After being passed around on aircheck tapes for years, The Radio era 1970-2 was collected in the Book and DVD "Duke Of Madness Motors" seeland records 2010.
Remember, Everything You Know Is Wrong,

“The TV Set is my shepherd, Fiscal Lord's Prayer” 11/18/1971
“Earth Penguin, Animals Singing on the radio” (Partial) — 2/17/1972
“The City of the future” — 11/18/1971
“Eddie Campos' Lemon Car, Out of control” — 11/11/1971
“Gangster for capitalism” — 11/18/1971
“Bird of Prey Motors, The New Adventures of Mark Time” — 11/11/1971
“Lorraine Lorraine” — 3/30/1972
“Louis Marshman Editorial, Dope Humor of the 70's” — 2/10/1972
“Taratittat Time, Little Sexlang” — 12/16/1971
“Cows come to America, Unmarked Marching Bands in the Coliseum” — 1/20/1972
“General Blame's speech. I was Hitler's dog doctor” — 3/30/1972

“The Dr Beanbag Show” — 12/9/1971
“23rd Nixon Psalm” — 1/6/1972
“Gary Firesign for Mr Romano of Hollywood” — 11/11/1971
“W.C. Fields for President” — 12/9/1971
“The family bund meeting” — 11/18/1971
“Dr. Zombie's Physical Culture Hour, The Diaphragm” — 1/13/1971

“Time Capsules, Multiple Identity girl” — 2/3/1972
“Gramp's World” — 11/18/1971
“Chester Crocker's commencement address” — 11/11/1971
“All American Football Crusade” — 1/6/1972
“Japanese music break” — 12/16/1972
“Int-Arach” — 3/30/1972
“Woman's Army Corps” — 1/6/1972
“Listening Pleasure” — 12/16/1971
“Eye am a Poem” — 1/6/1972
“Mr Trashman Chant” — 2/10/1972
“The show that never began” — 2/3/1972

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