Saturday, October 13, 2012

Playlist October 12 2012

Do The Dance -A- Thon

  Hank Ballard And The Midnighters “The Twist”  Single (1958)  King — Original version that started it all
 The Lone Twister “The Lone Twister”  Single (1961)  Atlantic — Murray The K (in disguise)
 Elvis Presley “Do The Clam”  Girl Happy (1965)  RCA
 Bobby Freeman “C'Mon And Swim”  Single (1964)  Autumn — Sly Stone production
 Radio Birdman “Do The Pop”  Radios Appear (1978)  Sire
 Roxy Music “Do The Strand”  For Your Pleasure (1973)  Warner Brothers — There's a new sensation!

 Johnny Madara “Do The Bop”  The Best of Johnny Madara (1957)  That Philly Sound — Original version of At The Hop with Danny and The Juniors as Backing band
 Freddie And The Dreamers “Do The Freddie”  Single (1965)  Mercury
 Marsha Gee “Peanut Duck” Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found Box Set (2005)  Rhino — Total Mystery surrounds who this is Circa 1963

 Magazine “Do the Meaning”  No Thyself (2011)  Wier-Sound — Return of Devoto and Co
 The Cincinnati Music Co “Let's Do The Thing” Single (1968)  KAPP
 Lurch (Ted Cassidy) “Do The Lurch”  7" Single (1965)  Capitol — Addams Family Spin-off. Don't Just Stand There

 Nat Kendrick And The Swans “(Do The) Mashed Potatoes, Pt. 1” Single (1960)  Dade — AKA James Brown w/ DJ Kendrick
 Wiskey Biscuit “When I Did The Mashed Potatoes With You”  Delphonic Sounds Today (1999)  Del-Fi — Larry Bright did original
 Joe Jackson “(Do The) Instant Mash”  Look Sharp! (1979)  A&M
 Billy Pitcock And The People “The Frog”  Single (1964)  Action!
 Alfred E Neuman “Let’s Do The Fink”  Fink Along With MAD (1963)  Big Top — Second of two Mad Magazine Record Albums
 Mr. Gasser And The Weirdo's “Doin' The Surfink”  Surfink! (1964)  Capitol — Everybody's doin' it
 Donna Loren “So, Do The Zonk !” Single (1965)  Capitol — B-Side from the Dr Pepper Girl

 The Primitives “The Ostrich”  Single (1964)  Pickwick City — Pre- Velvets Lou Reed
 The Scenics “Do The Wait”  Sunshine World (2009)  Dream Tower — Rec 1977-8
 John Lennon with The Elastic OZ Band “Do The OZ”  Single (1971)  Apple — Benefit single for OZ Magazine

 Dee Dee Sharp “Do The Bird”  Single (1963)  Cameo Parkway — Everybody Knows What's the Word
 Hank Blackman And The Killers “Itchy-Koo” Single (1962)  Brent — Major lift from JJ Jackson's Ooh Ma Lidi
 The Novas “The Crusher”  Single (1964)  Parrot — For all you Turkeynecks
 The Chello's “Chicken Back Twist”  Single (1964)  WGW
 The Cramps “Ultra Twist”  Flamejob (1994)  Medicine — Stick It In, Tongue n Groovin

 X-Men “Do The Ghost”  Single (1984)  Creation — Early Single on Creation
 The Symbols “Do The Zombie”  Laff Blasts from the Past (2006)  Sequel — Rec 1965
 Marveluss Mickey And The Rock-A-Sonics “Do The Robot”  Single (1958)  Marlo — St Louis Mo
 The Cure “Do The Hansa”  Join the Dots - B-Sides And Rarities (1983)  Fiction — Boys Don't Cry 12" B-Side

The Woggles "Takamatzu Twist" Fractured(2000) Telstar

 Archie Bell and the Drells “Do The Hand Jive”  There's Gonna Be A Showdown (1969)  Atlantic
 The Bonzo Dog Band “Do The Trouser Press”  Unpeeled (2010)  EMI — Top Gear Session 29th April 1968
 The Soft Boys “Do The Chisel”  A Can Of Bees (1979) on Two Crabs
 The Belgianettes “Do The Crank” Single (1962)  USA — B-Side

 Rufus Thomas “Can Your Monkey Do The Dog”  Single (1964)  Stax — It's a Dog Dance World
 Del Raney's Umbrella “Can Your Hossie Do The Dog?”  Born Bad  BFD — Another mystery disc
 The Cramps “Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?” A Date With Elvis (1986)  Big Beat
 The Specials “Do The Dog”  The Specials (1980)  Chrysalis
 The Underbeats “Annie Do The Dog”  Single (1964)  Banger

 The Stooges  "Shake Appeal"  Raw Power (1973) Columbia

 Guided By Voices “Do The Earth”  I Am A Scientist - EP (1994)  Scat
 The Sparkles “Do The Hip”  Single (1966)  Hickory
 Jr. Walker And The All Stars “Do the Boomerang”  Single (1965)  Soul
 The Majorettes “Do The Kangaroo”  Single (1963)  Troy — 3 Sisters and Friend (Youngest was 12 Years old)

 The Tables “Do The Standing Still”  Single (1978)  Virgin
 Husker Du “Do The Bee”  Land Speed Record (1980)  New Alliance — Recorded Live And Fast
 The German Art Students “Do the Bumble Bee”  Kissing By the Superconductor (2002)  Autobahn Music
 The Real Kids “Do The Boob”  The Real Kids (1977) Red Star

A Big Thanks To all who supported WORT tonight and over the years And To Dr Koolarama and The Former Mike for answering the phones

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