Friday, November 01, 2013

Playlist November 1 2013


 John Lennon “Scared”  Walls and Bridges (1974)  Apple
 Paul McCartney “Scared”  New (2013) Hear Music — Hidden Track
 George Harrison “When We Was Fab”  Cloud Nine (1987)  Dark Horse
 Ringo Starr “I'll Be Fine Anywhere”  Vertical Man (1998)  Mercury
 Stackridge “Something About The Beatles”  Something For The Weekend (1988) Angel Air
 Klaatu “Sub Rosa Subway” Klaatu (1976)  Capitol — Some people believed this to be the fabs in disguise
 The Rutles “Piggy In The Middle”  The Rutles (1978) Warner Brothers
 Rockin' Horse “Yes It Is”  Yes It Is (1970)  Philips
 The Flame “See The Light”  The Flame (1970)  Brother — Pre Rutles Stig O'Hara - Produced by Carl Wilson
 Jade “Rest Of My Life”  Faces Of Jade (1970) General American — Cincinnati Band

 Emitt Rhodes “Fresh As A Daisy”  Emitt Rhodes (1970)  Dunhill — Post Merry Go Round Solo Macca Soundalike
 The Raspberries “Don't Want To Say Goodbye”  The Raspberries (1972) Capitol — Post Choir Pre Scmaltz Eric Carmen
 Sleepy Hollow “Sincerely Yours”Sleepy Hollow (1972)  Family — Philly Power Pop Trio

 The October Cherries “Lay Down Your Love”  Dreamseller (1972)  Columbia — Singapore band 2nd album
 Truck “Broken Chair” Surprise Surprise (1974)  Baal — October Cherries post break up
 We All Together “It's A Sin To Go Away”  We All Together (1972)  Mag — The Peruvian Beatles

 Liverpool Echo “You Might As Well Surrender”  Liverpool Echo (1973)  Spark — Ex Mandrake Paddle Steamer and Ex Syn members
 Blue “Look Around”  Blue (1973)  RSO
 Blue Ash “I Remember A Time”  No More, No Less (1973)  Mercury — Youngstown Ohio

 The Hudson Brothers “So You Are A Star”  Totally Out Of Control (1974)  Rocket Records — Mark Hudson Ringo Producer / Kate Hudson's Dad
 Splinter “Costafine Town”  The Place I Love (1974)  Dark Horse — Heavy Harrison involvement
 The Key “The Farmer And The Fisherman”  Fit Me In (1978)  Emily/Electrola
 The Late Show “Take A Chance”  Portable Pop (1980)  Rave
 Promise “Later On Tonite”  Promise (1980)  Cumulus — Colorado Band self released LP
 Utopia “I Just Want To Touch You”  Deface The Music (1980)  Bearsville — Attempt to Out Rutle The Rutles??

 Badfinger “I'd Die Babe”  Straight Up (1972)  Apple — Ironic Title foreshadows tragedy
 The Chesapeake Jukebox Band “Until We Meet Again”  The Chesapeake Jukebox Band (1972)  Green Bottle
 Liverpool Express “You Are My Love”  Tracks (1976)  Warner Brothers
 The Nerves “When You Find Out”  Nerves 7"EP  (1976)  The Nerves — Peter Case, Paul Collins and Jack Lee
 Squeeze “Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)”  Argybargy (1980)  A and M
 Chris Stamey “The Summer Sun” 7"Single (1977)  Ork
 Neil Innes “How Sweet To Be An Idiot”  How Sweet To Be An Idiot (1973)  United Artists — Brains behind the Rutles
 Stackridge “Faith In Love”  Something For The Weekend (1988) Angel Air
 The Aerovons “Resurrection”  Resurrection (2003)  RPM — Rec 1969 at Abbey Road Studios
 Chris Bell “I Am the Cosmos” 7"Single (1978)  Car
 Mike McGear “Leave It”  McGear (1975)  Warner Brothers — Paul's Brother
 Dwight Twilley Band “Could Be Love”  Sincerely (1977)  Shelter
 Cheap Trick “Heaven Tonight”  Heaven Tonight (1978)  Epic
 Flamin Groovies “Please Please Girl” Shake Some Action (1976)  Sire
 The Spongetones “She Goes Out With Everybody”  Beat & Torn (1980)  Ripete — Rated a 70 on American Bandstand
 The Poppies “If She Cries” Single B-Side (1975)  Bomp — B/W Love Of The Loved (Lennon/McCartney)

 Smyle “It's Gonna Be Alright” Single (1972)  Polydor
 Los Hermanos “Anna Julia” Los Hermanos (1999)  Best
 Electric Light Orchestra “Can't Get It Out Of My Head”  Eldorado (1974)  Epic — Jeff Lynne

 The Jam “The Dreams Of Children”  Single B-Side (1980)  Polydor
 Liverpool Express “John George Ringo and Paul”  Tracks (1976)  Warner Brothers
 The Residents “Beyond A Valley Of A Day In The Life”  Residents Play The Beatles (1977)  Ralph Records

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