Saturday, November 15, 2014

Playlist November 14 2014

Smee's Freakbeat Festival
 The Who “My Generation (Radio 1 Jingle)”  BBC Sessions (1999)  MCA — 10/10/67 Top Gear
 The Who “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere”  BBC Sessions (1999)  MCA — 5/24/65 Saturday Club
 Loose Ends “I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore”  Single (1966) Decca
 The Yardbirds “Happenings Ten Years Time Ago”  Single (1966)  Columbia — Page and Beck
 The Smoke “My Friend Jack” Single  (1967) Columbia
 The Eyes “When The Night Falls”  Single (1966)  Mercury
 The Sorrows “You've Got What I Want”  Single (1965)  Picadilly
 Denis Couldry And The Next Collection “I Am Nearly There”  Single (1968)  Decca — London
 Thane Russal and The Three “Security”  Single (1966)  CBS — London
 The Mascots “I Want To Live”   Single  (1966)  Decca — Stockholm
 Allen Pound's Get Rich “Searchin' In The Wilderness”  Single (1966)  Parlophone — Bradford
  The Syn “Grounded”  Single (1967)  Deram — Wembley

 The Primitives “Johnny Noooo!”  Single (1967) ARC Piper- Club — Oxford
 Chapter Four “In My Life”  Single (1966)  United Artists — New York City
 The Game “It's Shocking What They Call Me”  Single (1967)  Parlophone — Mitcham
 The Creation “How Does It Feel To Feel”  Single (1968) Polydor — London
  The Fairies “Get Yourself Home” Single(1965)  HMV Pop — Colchester

 The Act “Just A Little Bit”  Single (1968)  Columbia — London
  Elois “By My Side”  Single (1967)  In Records — Sydney
 Wimple Winch “Atmospheres”  Single (1966)  Fontana — Stockport
 The Missing Links “You're Driving Me Insane”  Single (1965)  Phillips — Sydney
  The Truth “Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)”  Single (1966)  Deram — London

 The Attraction “She's A Girl”  Single (1966)  Columbia — Romford
 The New Breed “Unto Us”  Single (1965)  Decca — London
 Majority “One Third”  Single (1966)  Decca — Hull
 Red Squares “You Can Be My Baby”  Single (1967) Columbia — Boston
  Adam's Recital “No Place For Lonely People” Single (1968)  Barclay — Antwerp

 The Loot “Try To Keep It A Secret”  Single (1969)  Page One — Andover
 The Lee Kings “On My Way”  Single (1966) Flexi Skiva — Stockholm
 Keith Shields “Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)”  Single (1967) oDecca — Newcastle
 The Score “Please Please Me” Single (1966)  Decca — London
  The Masters Apprentices “Buried and Dead”  Single (1966)  Astor — Adelaide

 Fire “My Father's Name Is Dad”  Single (1968)  Decca — Hounslow
 Thor's Hammer “I Don't Care”  Single (1966)  Parlophone — Keflavik
 The Fleur De Lys “Mud In Your Eye” Single(1966)  Polydor — Southampton
 Majority One “Get Back Home”  Single (1968)  Pink Elephant — Hull
  The Talismen “You Break My Heart”  Rubble Volume 2 (1988)  Bam Caruso — London - Unisued acetate w/ Jimmy Page 1966

 The Troggs “Lost Girl”  Single (1966)  CBS — Andover Debut Single
 Paul and Ritchie and The Cryin' Shames “Come On Back”  Single (1966)  Decca — Liverpool
 Q65 “From Above”  Single (1967)  Decca — The Hague
 The Buzz “You're Holding Me Down”  Single (1966)  Columbia — Edinburgh
 Miller “Baby, I've Got News for You”  Single (1965)  Oak — Norwich

 Wimple Winch “Rumble on Mersey Square South”  Single (1966)  Fontana — Stockport
 The Who “The Ox”  Single (1966)  Brunswick — London
Shel Naylor “One Fine Day” Single (1964)  Decca — Coventry-- wr Dave Davies, Guitar Jimmy Page
 The Motions “Everything (That's Mine)” Single (1966)  Havoc — The Hague
 The Syndicats “Crawdaddy Simone”  Single (1965)  Columbia — London - Joe Meek production

 The Monks “Oh, How To Do Now”  Black Monk Time (1966)  Polydor International — USA Band
 The Answer “It's Just A Fear”  Single (1966)  Columbia — Newcastle
 The Attack “Anymore Than I Do”  Single (1967)  Decca — London
 Pee White and The Magic Strangers “Balla Balla”  Single (1966)  Imperial — The Hague
 The Masters Apprentices “Undecided” Single (1966)  Astor — Adelaide

 Birds Birds “Daddy Daddy” Single (1966)  Reaction — London
 Southern Sound “I Don't Wanna Go”  Single (1966)  Columbia — Worcestershire
 Adjeef the Poet “Leek! I'm a Freak”  Single (1967)  Action — Amsterdam
 The Craig “I Must Be Mad”  Single (1966)  Fontana — Birmingham
 Wimple Winch “Save My Soul”  Single (1966)  Fontana — Stockport

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