Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Playlist April 15 2016

The Smart Studio Story - Radio Version
Firetown “Places to Run”  In the Heart of the Heart Country (1986)  Boat — Phil Davis, Doug and Butch
Robert J “Boys Town”  Boys Town (1986) Crusada
Doll Burper “Radio Sex”  Unreleased (1986)  Smart Studio — Afterhours Smart recording
Knerble Knerble “Isolation”  Unreleased (1986)  Smart Studio — Afterhours Smart recordingSpooner “Leave This Place Behind”  Hindsight (2013)  Boat Records — Unreleased 1991 Single
Garbage “Bad Boyfriend”  Absolute Garbage (2007)  Almo/Geffen — BV Sting Like A Bee remix
Gargäntua “America(n)”  Big Foot (1987)  Big Foot — Tom and KT Laskin project 

Appliances SFB “The Glory Years”  Green Door/Them (1987)  Dutch East India Trading — Go Packers Go

The Weeds “American Band” Totem Pole (1987)  Weedseed — Grand Funk cover
Killdozer “Southern Boogie”  Not For Geeks Vol.II (1987)  Boat Records — La Grange/Saturday Night Special/Sweet Home Alabama
Artists Against Space Travel “Van Gogh On Tobacco Road”  Unreleased (1986)  Smart Studio — Afterhours Smart recording
Dennis Nechvatel “Untitled”  Unreleased (1986)  Smart Studio — Dennis with Butch and Steve
Actual Sighs “Covering Up”  Unreleased (1986)  Smart Studio — Doug Olson

Feedtime “Motorbike Girl” Suction (1989)  Aberrant
King Snake Roost “Can Of Worms”  Ground Into The Dirt (1990)  Amphetamine Reptile
Killdozer “Ed Gein!”  Intellectuals Are the Shoeshine Boys of the Ruling Elite (1984) Bone-Air
Rectal Drip “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” Not For Geeks Vol.II (1987)  Boat Records
Nirvana “Lithium”  Nevermind (Super Deluxe Edition) (2007) Geffen Records — Smart Sessions rec 1991

Tad “Jinx”  8-Way Santa (1991)  Sub Pop Records — shows second album cover
Laughing Hyenas “Here We Go Again”  Life of Crime (1990) Touch and Go Records
Ivory Library “The Moon Retreats”  Ivory Library EP (1986) Dairyland
Michael O. Sullivan, The Singing Irishman “'57 Chevy”  unknown (1986)  Smart Studio — For Biff
Tar Babies “1979”  Death Trip (1992) Sonic Noise
Smashing Pumpkins “Siva”  Gish (1991)  Caroline Records
Everclear “Chemical Smile”  Sparkle and Fade (1995)  Capitol Records
The Young Fresh Fellows “Skyscraper Of Fact”  Electric Bird Digest (1991)  Frontier — Bonus 45 track
Fun With Atoms “Last Cigarette” Main Street (1985)Boat Records
Freedy Johnston “Evie's Tears”  This Perfect World (1994)  Elektra Records
Soul Asylum “String of Pearls” Let Your Dim Light Shine (1995)  Columbia
Coolhand Band “come down”  Naive Charm (1994)  Boat
Rainer Maria. “Ears Ring”  Ears Ring (2002)  Polyvinyl Records
L7 “Pretend We're Dead”  Bricks are Heavy (1992) Slash
The Promise Ring “Tell Everyone We're Dead” Boys + Girls (1995) Jade Tree
Charlemagne “Prisoner Of”  Charlemagne (2004)  Winterlander
Death Cab For Cutie “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”  Plans (2005)  Atlantic Records
Obros “Lolita”  Not For Geeks Vol.II (1987)  Boat Records
Die Kreuzen “Over and the Edge”  Cement (1991)  Touch and Go Records
Urge Overkill “Faroutski”  Americruiser (1990) Touch and Go Records
The Rousers “Got Another Lovin' Man”  In Without Knocking (1986)  Boat
Hum Machine “Andrew” No Joy In Mudville (2001)  Cancer
Sometimes Y “You'll Get Pregnant”  One Fell Swoop (1984)  Jane Bear
Sigrid “You're The Only One For Me” Unreleased (1986)  Smart Studio
Smashing Pumpkins “Today”  Siamese Dream (1993)  Virgin
Sonic Youth “Creme Brulee”  Dirty(1992)  Geffen Records
Killdozer “King of Sex”  We Will Bury You - A Tribute to Killdozer (2006)  Crustacean Records — Butch Vig Remix
Cattleprod “My Only Constellation”  Secretly Happy (1989)  Community 3
Garbage “Vow”  Single (1995)  Almo Sounds

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