Saturday, September 17, 2016

Playlist September 16 2016

SuperRock Special  - 40 years of the Fleshtones
  The Fleshtones “American Beat”  Single. (1979)  Red Star — First Release
  The Fleshtones “Living Legends” Powerstance (1991)  Big Beat — Produced Dave Faulkner (Hoodoo Gurus)

  The Fleshtones “Five Live Fleshtones”  Angry Years 1984-1986 (1994)  Impossible — Lost IRS recordings
  The Fleshtones “Cara Lin” Blast Off! (1982)  Red Star. — Strangeloves cover
  The Fleshtones “Theme from "The Vindicators"”  Up Front - EP (1980) IRS
  The Fleshtones “Alright”  Do You Swing? (2003)  Yep Roc Records — Searchers cover
  The Fleshtones “Shadowline (For J. Conrad)” Urgh! A Music War (1981)  A and M — CBGB's 1980

  The Fleshtones “Roman Gods” Single (1981) on IRS — Single version
  The Fleshtones “Fingertips Pt 2” Soul Madrid (1989)  Impossible — Live Rock Club Madrid Dec 20 1988 - Stevie Wonder cover
  The Fleshtones “Feels Like A Woman” Vindicated - A Tribute to the Fleshtones (2007) Dirty Water — Live Troggs cover - Dirty Water club London Oct 20 2006
  The Fleshtones “Treat Her Like A Lady”  Fleshtones VS Reality (1987) Emergo — Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose cover
  The Fleshtones “Treat Me Like A Man”  Beautiful Light EP (1994)  Naked Language — Peter Buck Prod

  The Fleshtones “Super Hexbreaker”  American Beat '84 EP (1984)  I.R.S. Records
  The Fleshtones “Superrock Girl”  Beachhead (2005)  Nicotine
  The Fleshtones “House of Rock”  Live In Europe EP (1996)  Cavale — Came free with Sunglass purchase
  The Fleshtones “Watch This”  Speed Connection - Live In Paris 85 (1985)  I.R.S. Records — Live At Gibus Club, Paris, France /1985
  The Fleshtones “Stop Fooling Around”  Roman Gods (1981) IRS
  The Fleshtones “The Band Drinks for Free” Single. (2016) on Yep Roc — Non Lp Title Cut
  The Fleshtones “God Damn It”  More Than Skin Deep (1997) Telstar
  The Fleshtones “Touch And Go” Radio Momento 60 Presents (2014) on Razorland
  The Fleshtones “Can't Get Enough of Your Love”  Living Legends Series (1989)  I.R.S. Records — Dantes cover
  The Fleshtones “She Turned My Head Around”  Time Bomb: The Fleshtones Present The Big Bang Theory (1988) Skyclad
  The Fleshtones “Let's Go!”  Laboratory Of Sound (1995)  Ichiban — Steve Albini Prod
  The Full Time Men “High On Drugs” My Fist Your Face (1988)  Coyote — Keith Streng Solo project Titanics cover
  The Love Delegation “Shama Lama Bing Bang”  Spread the Word (1986)  Moving Target — Peter Zaremba Solo project
  The Fleshtones “Medicine Man” Turban Renewal (1994)  Norton Records — Tribute to Sam The Sham and The Pharoahs
  The Fleshtones “If and When” Fleshtones Favorites (1996)  Fleshtones — Cover version album - Db's cover

  The Fleshtones “Bazooka Joe”  More Than Skin Deep (1997) Telstar
  The Fleshtones “Friends Of Bazooka Joe” Solid Gold Sound (2001)  Blood Red Vinyl & Discs
  The Fleshtones “Christmas With Bazooka Joe”  Stocking Stuffer (2008) Yep Roc Records
  The Fleshtones “Bazooka Joe's Vacation”  Solid Gold Sound (2001)Blood Red Vinyl & Discs
  The Fleshtones “Love Yourself”  Take A Good Look (2008)  Yep Roc Records
  The Fleshtones “Living Today”  The Band Drinks for Free (2016)  Yep Roc Records
The Fleshtones “I Don't Live Today”  Laboratory Of Sound (1995)  Ichiban — Track 69 - Jimi Hendrix cover
  The Fleshtones “Let's Live!”  Single B-Side (2013)  Yep Roc— Aaron Neville cover

  The Fleshtones “B-Side” from Single B-Side (2011)  Yep Roc — Tribute to Madison Record Store??
The Fleshtones With Mary Huff “Everywhere Is Nowhere”  Single B-Side (2013)  Yep Roc
  The Fleshtones “All Around The World”  Single B-Side... (1981)  IRS — Edwin Starr cover
   Thee Roman Gods “San Fransisco Girls”  Single B-side (1986) Next Big Thing — Fever Tree cover
The Fleshtones “Remember the Ramones” Single B-Side (2011)  Yep Roc
  The Fleshtones and Alan Vega “Gentleman Twist”  Single B-Side (1998)  Epitaph
  The Fleshtones and Alan Vega “Rocket U.S.A.” Blast Off! (1982)  Red Star. — Suicide cover
The Fleshtones “Time Zone”  Stomp! Shout! Scream! (2006)  Chicken Ranch.
  The Fleshtones “Too Much On My Mind”  Shangri- La (1989)  Imaginary — Tribute to the Kinks
The Fleshtones “Tear for Tear”  Wheel of Talent (2014)  Yep Roc Records
  The Fleshtones “Comin' Home Baby”  Brooklyn Sound Solution (2011) Yep Roc — Instrumental
  The Fleshtones “Comin' Home Baby”  Hitsburg Revisited (1999)  Telstar — Mel Torme cover

  The Fleshtones “Todos Queremos a Lupe”  Quatro X Quatro - EP (2012)  Yep Roc Records — Everybody do the sloopy - Los Johnny Jets cover
  The Fleshtones “Le Temps Dira”  Single B-Side... (2011) Yep Roc — Time Will tell - Michal Polnareff cover
  The Fleshtones “Veo la Luz”  Wheel of Talent (2014) Yep Roc Records — i See The Light
  Tony Truant andThe Fleshtones “D'accord Tony d'accord” Allo Brooklyn, ici Montmartre - EP (2005)  Les Disques Poussinet. — Okay Tony Okay - lead singer the Dogs

  The Fleshtones “I Was A Teenage Zombie”  I Was A Teenage Zombie (1987)  Enigma
  The Fleshtones “Screaming Skull”  Hexbreaker! (1983)  IRS
  The Fleshtones “Return to the Haunted House”  Angry Years 1984-1986 (1994)  Impossible
  The Fleshtones “You Can't Get Him Frankenstein”  Flaming Burnout (1998)  Mans Ruin — Benefit for estrus records - Castle Kings cover
  The Fleshtones “Dance With the Ghoulman”  More Than Skin Deep (1997)  Telstar
  The Fleshtones “Ghoulman Confidential”  Mondo Zombie Boogaloo (2013)  Yep Roc
  The Fleshtones “Before I Go”  The Band Drinks for Free (2016)  Yep Roc Records
  The Fleshtones “I Surrender!”  Single. (2015) Yep Roc

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