Friday, November 11, 2016

Playlist November 11 2016

Riot On Sunset Strip

The Byrds "Mr Tambourine Man" Single Columbia (1965)
The Rolling Stones "The Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man" Single B-side London (1965)
The Modern Folk Quartet "This Could Be The Night" Rare Masters LP Philles (1964)

Warren Barker Orchestra "77 Sunset Strip" TV Soundtrack LP Warners (1959)
Edd "Kookie" Byrnes "Saturday Night On The Sunset Strip" Edd "Kookie" Byrnes LP Warners (1960) - Star of 77 Sunset Strip
Pastel 6 "Cinnamon Cinder" Single Zen Records (1962) - It's A Very Nice Dance
Dino, Desi and Billy "She's So Far Out, She's In" Our Times Coming LP Reprise (1966)
Asylum Choir "Welcome To Hollywood" Single Smash (1968) w/ Leon Russell
Mugwump Establishment "City Of Dreams" Mondo Hollywood Sndtrk LP Tower (1967)

Otis Redding "Satisfaction" In Person At The Whisky A Go Go LP Atco (1968)
The Buffalo Springfield "Mr Soul" Atco (1967)
Paul Revere and The Raiders "Action" Just Like Us! Columbia (1966)
The Dovers "What Am I Going To Do" Single B-Side Miramar (1965)
The Flower People "Mini Skirt Blues"Single Castil (1967)
The Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" Single  Capitol (1966)

Johnny Rivers "The Seventh Son" Meanwhile Back At The Whisky A Go Go LP Imperial (1965)
The Standells "Peppermint Beatle" Single B-Side Imperial (1964) Live At P.J.'s
Bobby Fuller 4 "Let Her Dance" Celebrity Night At P.J.'s LP Del-Fi (1998) rec 1965
Gary Lewis and The Playboys "Little Miss Go Go" Single B-Side Imperial (1965)

Love "7 and7 Is" Single Elektra (1966)
The Leaves "Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go" Single Mira (1965)
The Hysterics "Everything's There" Single Bing (1965)
The Seeds "Pushin' Too Hard" Single  GNP Crescendo (1966)
Gypsy Trips "Ain't It Hard" Single B-Side World Pacific (1966)

The Music Machine "Talk Talk" Single  Original Sound (1966)
The Humane Society "Knock Knock" Single Liberty (1967)
The Doors "20th Century Fox" The Doors LP Elektra (1967)
The Chocolate Watchband "Sweet Young Thing" Single Uptown (1967)
Things To Come "Sweetgina"Single Starfine (1966)

Peter Fonda "November Nights" Single Chisa(1967)
The Grassroots  "This Is What I Was Made For" Single  Dunhill (1966) w/ P F Sloan
The Grassroots "Let's Live For Today" Single  Dunhill (1967) (13th Floor)
The Turtles "Can I Get To Know You Better" Single  White Whale (1966)
4 Making Do "The Simple Life" Single Wells Desett (1965)

The Factory "Candy Cane Madness"(live) Candy Cane Madness CD Straight
Pamela Des Barres "Diary November 11 1966" Hollyword Cassette Rhino
The Mothers Of Invention "Hungry Freaks, Daddy" Freak Out LP Verve (1966)
The Velvet Underground "All Tomorrows Parties" Single Verve (1966)

Thee Midnighters "Love Special Delivery" Single Whittier (1966)
Kim Fowley "The Trip" Single Corby (1965)
Dave Diamond and The Higher Elevation "Diamond Mine" Single Chicory
The Bees "Voices Green And Purple" Liverpool (1966)
The Electric Prunes "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" Single Reprise (1966)

The Association "Pandora's Golden Heebee Geebees" Single  Valiant (1966)
People Of Sunset Strip "Sunset Strip Symphony "(in 4 parts) Single  Atco (1967)
Davie Allen & The Arrows "Make Love, Not War" Teenage Rebellion Sndtrk LP Sidewalk (1967)
The Standells "Riot On Sunset Strip" Riot On Sunset Strip Sndtrk LP Tower (1967)
Terry Randall "S. O. S."(Save Our Strip)  Single Valiant (1966)
Research 1-6-12 "I Don't Walk There No More" In Research Flick City (1968)

Love "Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale" Forever Changes LP Elektra (1967)
The Buffalo Springfield "For What It's Worth" Single Atco (1967)
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band "In The Arena" Volume 2 LP Reprise 91967)
Sonny Bono "Revolution Kind" Single Atco (1965)

The Mama's and The Papa's "Safe In My Garden" The Papa's and The Mama's LP Dunhill (1968)
The Byrds "8 Miles High" Single  Columbia (1966)

Music Bed: Sidewalk Sounds "Sunset Theme" Riot On Sunset Strip Sndtrk Tower

Based On The Book "Riot On Sunset Strip" By Dominic Priore Jawbone Press 2007

Rebroadcast of November 16 2007 Show

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