Saturday, February 04, 2017

Playlist February 4 2017

De LUX editionLux Interior RIP February 4th 2009 

 The Scarlets “Stampede”  (1959) Prince
 Earl Wade “I Dig Rock and Roll”  (1958)  Swan
 The Jet Streams “Who, Me?” (1958)  Decca
 Red Hewitt and The Buccaneers “DJ Blues” (1959)  Audion
 Kenny Owen “I Got The Bug”  (1958)  Poplar
 The Camelots “Charge!” (1963)  Comet
 Terry Corin and Her Boy Friends “Sick! Sick! Sick!”(1960)  Colony
 Johnny Lance “The Big Tragedy”  (1963)  Brent — AKA Jody Reynolds AKA Moses Longpiece "Slide Her Under The Door"
 Jack Nitzsche “Rumble”  (1963)  Reprise — Link Wray cover
 Glenda and Glen “Voodoo Doll”  (1958)  St Charro
 The Mogambos “Bi Aza Ku Sasa”  (1958)Sunbeam — Bobby Darin involvement

 Bob and Jerry “Ghost Satellite”  (1958)  Rendevous Records
 The Electro-Tones “Ghost Train”  (1961)  JB Records
 Rudy Thacker and The Stringbusters “Black Train”  (1960)  Lucky
 Betty McQuade “Blue Train”  (1966)  Ascot
 The Champs “Train to Nowhere”   (1958)  Challenge - Tequila Single B-Side

 Jimmy Haskall and His Orchestra “Astrosonic” Count Down! (1957)  Imperial
 The Lancers “Take Me To Your Leader”  (1959)  Imperial
 Bill Carter And The Rovin' Gamblers “Baby Brother”  (1959)  Blackjack
 Jimmy Lloyd “You're Gone Baby”   (1958)  Roulette - Rocket in My Pocket Single B-Side

 The Ideals “Knee Socks”  (1961)  Checker
 The Four Winds and Their Teenage Friends “Short Shorts”  (1958)  Decor
 The Royal Teens “Leotards”  (1959)  Mighty Records
 The Versatones “Tight Skirt Tight Sweater”  (1958)  All Star - Bila Single B-Side

 Mickey and Sylvia “No Good Lover”  (1958)  Groove
 Wortham Watts “Cotton Picker” (1958)  Orbit
 The Dynamos “Woh Woh Yea Yea”  (1961)  Cub
 The Charades “Flamingo”  (1964)  Skylark
 The Flamingos “I Only Have Eyes for You”(1959)  End
 Billy Ward and His Dominos “The Bells”  (1952)  Federal
 Jackie and The Starlites “Valerie” (1960)  Fury
 Dudley Moore “Love Me”  Bedazzled (1967)  Parrot
 Clyde Stacy and The Nitecaps “So Young” (1957) Candlelight
 Gene Summers “Taboo”  (1960)  Lake County
 The Imps “Uh Oh” (1962)  Do Ra Me
 Ric Cartey “Oooh We”  (1956)  RCA
 Charlie Feathers “That Certain Female” (1974)  Rolling Rock
 Dick Penner “Cindy Lou”  (1957) Sun
 The Chimes “Zindy Lou”  (1955)  Specialty
 Marvin And Johnny “Vip Vop!”  (1955)  Modern — Pre Lux Interior alias
 Ronny Kae “Drums Fell Over A Cliff” Single (1962) Band Box
 The Deadly Ones “The Mad Drummer, Pt. 1”  It's Monster Surfing Time (1964) Vee-Jay
 Dick Hyman with Mary Mayo “For All We Know”  (1963)  MGM — Played at Lux's funereal
 The Falcons “Now That's It's Over”  Single (1957)  Falcon

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