Saturday, January 31, 2009

Playlist January 31 2009
I Like It Like That!

Mad Mike's Monster Hits Tribute

The Saucers "Cha Wailey Routa" Felco 1959 (Vol 1)
Mickey Hawks & The Night Raiders "Hidi Hidi Hidi" Profile 1959
James "Red" Holloway "Ala Carte" Mad 1959 (Vol 2)
Scott Wood "Chicken Rock" B.E.A.T. (Vol 1)
Jimmy Kelly & The Rock-A-Beats "Little Chickie" Cobra 1958 (Vol 2)
Jimmy Heap "Gismo" Dart 1959 (Vol 1)
Original Starfires "Fender Bender" Pace/APT 1959
Mad Mike & The Maniacs "The Hunch" Hunch 1961 (Vol 3)
Jackie & The Starlites "They Laughed At Me" Fire & Fury 1957
Avanties "Wax Em Down" Chancellor 1963
The Revels "Rampage" Impact 1964
Neons "Tuscon" Maldon (Vol 2)
The Atlantics "Heartburn" Amon 1964
Rhythm Addicts "Oomp Boomp" Frantic 1959 (Vol 2)
The Sparkles "The Hip" Hickory 1966
Mattie Jackson & The Nighthawks "I Wanna Do It" Duplex
Ervin Rucker & The Blues Nighthawks "Done Done The Slop" Duplex (Vol 3)
Grand Prees "Jungle Fever" Candi (Vol 2)
Richie Allen "Goochie Bamba" Era 1961
Shane Kai Ray "Jungle Talk (I Want Some Of That)" Lodestar (Vol 2)
The Rolling Stones "Stoned" London 1963
Eddie Clearwater (Clear Waters) "Hillbilly Blues" Atomic H 1958
The Galaxies "Ride Your Horse" Epic
The Renegades "Geronimo" American Int'l 1959 (Vol 2)
Manny Corchado "Pow Wow" Decca 1967
The Shondells "Hanky Panky" Snap 1965
Len Barry "1 2 3" Decca 1965
The Fantastic Deejays "Fight Fire" Tri-Power 1966
The Swamp Rats "Psycho" St Clair 1967
The Sonics "Have Love Will Travel" Etiquette 1965
The Corvettes "Pick Up" Corevette 1960 (Vol 2)
Eddie (Guitar Slim) Jones "Certainly All" J-B 1952 (Vol 1)
The Fabulous Wailers "Shanghied" Golden Crest 1959
Isaac (Little Ike) Hamilton "She Can Rock" Champion 1959 (vol 1)
The Cashmeres "Boom-Mag-Azeno-Vip-Vay" Mercury 1955
Big Danny Oliver "Sapphire" Trend 1958 (Vol 2)
The Flamingos "I Only Have Eyes For You" End 1959
Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads "Goo Goo Muck" Auden 1962 (Vol 1)
Chuck Daniels & The Classics "Glass Pak" 1959
Four Sounds "Mama Ubangi Bangi" Ran Dee 1962 (Vol 1)
Marquis Chimps "Red Rose Tea Commercial" Gink 1968 (Vol 2)

Remember to check out the 3 volume Norton Records "Mad Mike Monsters" (What Volume)

Thanks to kogar theswingingape for the soundbites

Thanks to Rockin John for letting me do this

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