Saturday, February 14, 2009

Playlist February 13th 2009

The De-Lux Edition

Anton LeVay "Satan Takes A Holiday"
The Cramps "A New Kind Of Kick"(live) Fast Forward Cassette Magazine
Donald Woods & The Bel-Airs "Death Of An Angel"
**Jack Nitzsche "Rumble"
The Revels "It's Party Time"
3 Aces & A Joker "Booze Party"
The Cramps "Mad Daddy"(alt version) Songs The Lord Taught Us
** The Phantoms "Night Beat"
Ganimian "My Funny Valentine"
Keith Courvale "Trapped Love"
The Fleetwoods "Unchained Melody - A Cappella"
Jan Davis "The Time Funnel"
The Cramps "Naked Girl falling Down The Stairs"(live) CD_Single
** Ronnie Kae "Drums Fell Off The Cliff"
Marvin & Johnny "Vip Vop"
The Coasters "Poison Ivy"
The Cramps "I'm Cramped"(live) How To Make A Monster
Chaino "The Pygmy song (Tikki Tikki Boom Boom)"
**Pasquel "Moon Madness"
Dean Carter "Jailhouse Rock"
Buddy Love "Heartbreak Hotel"
Roger & The Tempests "Bad Bad Way"
Elvis Presley "Do The Clam"
The Cramps "Jailhouse Rock" v/a The Last Temptation Of Elvis
** The Charts "Ooba Gooba"
Buddy Miller "Teen Twist"
The Cramps "Ultra Twist" CD_Single
The Shells "Whiplash"
Jet Stream "Who Me?"
** Pygmys "Don't Monkey With Tarzan"
June Wilkerson & Mamie Van Doren "Bikini With No Top On Top"
The Cramps "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns"(live) Stay Sick
The Riptides "Machine Gun"
The Deadly Ones "Surfin' Dockside"
**Mohammed Rafi "Jaan Pehachaaho"
Wanda Jackson w/ The Cramps "Funnel Of Love"
Jett Powers "Go Girl Go"
The Sparkles "Oh Girls Girls"
The Cramps "All Women Are Bad" Stay Sick
**John Buck "Forbidden City"
Kenny Owen "I Got The Bug"
The Cramps "Badass Bug" Big Beat From Badsville
Barry Wilson "The Bug"
The Ran-dells "Martian Hop"
** Rick McGuire "Space Craze"
Bill Carter & The Roving Gamblers "Baby Brother"
The Cramps "Beautiful Gardens"(live) Smell Of Female
Sidney Jo Lewis "Boppin To Grandfathers Clock"
Charlie Feathers "That Certain Female"
The Cramps "What's Inside A Girl?" A Date With Elvis
**The Cresents "Pink Dominos"
The Fender Four "Margaya"
The Cramps "Wilder Wilder Faster Faster" CD_Single
Mogambos "Bi Aza Ku Sasa"
** Jimmy McConville "Scorpion"
The Rivingtons "Mama Ooh Mow Mow"
The Cramps "Surfin' Bird"(live) CD_Single

** Music Beds

Thanks to all who have supported WORT during this and all previous fundraisers. you are the lifeblood of the station.
Thanks to Kym and Mike for answering phones
Thanks to Tanya Hyde for the long distance inspirations

Thanks to Lux & Ivy for all the great songs and stories

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